2012 MINI Roadster JCW Technical Specs

Yeah, you’ve seen pics and heard about it for months now.

BMW released a bunch of stuff for NAIAS and other websites, blogs, or casts certainly yack about what their wild arse guesses may assume, and you know we usually don’t tease you like that, but heck here’s the specs to get you drooling about your next MINI roadster 😉

Yeah, it’s just a guide, but I’d almost bet the spec for USA is going to be similar. Stuff may or may not change, but this will give ya a basic idea what’s coming..


Technical Specifications.
(features JCW edition, because why would you want anything else?)

Dimensions (mm)
Turning circle (m):10.7
Track, front/rear:1453/1461
Shoulder width, front:1278
Legroom, front:1060
Headroom, front:1005
Luggage capacity (L):240
Fuel capacity (L):50

Weight (kg):
Curb weight, man/auto: 1255
Weight distribution, rear, man/auto (%): 38.2
Max. gross weight, man/auto: 1510
Max. payload: 230
Max. axle load, front/rear [auto trans]

Type:DOHC I-4 16V
Engine management system:MED 1722
Displacement (cm3):1598
Bore and stroke (mm):77.0 x 85.8
Power (SAE hp @ rpm):208 @ 6,000
Torque (ft/lb @ rpm):184 @ 1,850 – 5600* (w/boost..)
Compression ratio:10.0
Fuel grade:Premium Unleaded
Drivetrain:Front Engine
Drive configuration:Front Drive
Transmission type:6-M
Gear ratios, man/auto (:1)
1st: 3.31, 2nd: 2.13, 3rd: 1.48,  4th: 1.14, 5th: 0.95, 6th: 0.82, Reverse: 3.23, Final drive ratio: 3.71

Body / Suspension
Steering Type / Ratio: Rack & Pinion / 14.1
Braking system: 4 channel ABS
Front brake type / diameter (mm): Ventilated disc / 316
Rear brake type / diameter (mm): Solid disc / 280
Suspension, front: McPherson strut type
Suspension, rear: Independent multilink
Drag coefficient: 0.35
Tire size, front: 205/45 R17
Wheel size, front: 7.0J x 17
Tire size, rear:  205/45 R17
Wheel size, rear: 7.0J x 17

Battery capacity (amp-hrs.): 55
Alternator output (amps/watts): 120/1680

Top speed, electronically limited, man (km/h): 237
Acceleration 0-100 km/h, man (sec.): 6.6

Fuel Consumption
City, (L/100km): 8.2, Highway: 6, Combined: 7.2

Geeky notes from a non-math major:
There’s about 3.78L in 1 US gallon. 100 km is about 62.14 miles.
If a MINI uses 7.2 liters (about 2 gallons) to go 62 miles, we can say it gets roughly 31 MPG.