A Cool Product For A Hot Car


Pfafftown , N.C. – September 29, 2008 – It’s a cool product for a hot car.  Automotive expert Chris Sneed knows many proud MINI Cooper owners like to push their prized coupes to the limits on the race track, not just on the open road.


However, after seeing MINIs come off the track with 300 + degrees oil temperatures, he knew something had to be done or he would be building a lot of engines- not good for the cars or his customers.

After looking around at oil cooler kits on the market, Sneed ultimately decided to build one at his shop, Sneed’s Speed Shop, a 10,000 square-foot, full service facility for high performance cars in Pfafftown , N.C.  Simply put, it’s called Sneed’s Speed Shop Oil Cooler kit. It’s lighter, stronger, and more efficient than other products to achieve maximum performance because, as Sneed puts it “…we’re a race shop and we like to win”.

At the heart of Sneed’s business is a love of road racing. Sneed and his staff are avid racers and go with many of their customers to races and help with suspension set-up, engine tuning and car repair.  That’s where his ideas come from – being on the front lines.


“We’ve been using this oil cooler on our MINI and customer’s MINIs for three years now with no engine failures,” said Sneed.  “Cooler oil protects the engine and makes it live longer”. 

The cooler kit is designed for the 2003-2006 MINI Cooper S, 6-speed. Because of the unique design using lighter materials and innovative engineering, it has great cooling capacity and is longer lasting then other kits on the market.  Some bumper brace trimming is required to fit the cooler unit on the car.


But that’s a small price to pay to keep your MINI’s engine humming along the race track and make it more reliable.


Customers are taking notice of the improved performance, as well. “The oil cooler works much better – it keeps the oil temp lower and pressure higher.  This is a must for a track MINI” said Joe McGlothlin, a MINI racer/enthusiast.


Rest assured Sneed won’t sell any product to you if he wouldn’t run it in his own racecars. And, he knows racecars.


Sneed began competitive slot car racing at an early age and was a professional drag racer by his late teens. He’s a graduate with honors of Forsyth Technical Community College ’s Racecar Technology Program. He opened Sneed’s Speed Shop in 2003 and has worked on many different high performance vehicles including Corvettes, Miatas and Lotus.  His customer base includes customers from all over the Mid-Atlantic region.


“Fast isn’t fun if it’s not reliable – we use premium parts and experienced mechanics on all of our customer’s cars,” said Sneed.  “That’s what really helps our business grow – quality people and quality parts. We only use the best.”


Customers also see this business philosophy shine through. “You can see the passion for racing in everything Chris does. He’s just the best in the business, ” said MINI enthusiast Eric Nilsen. “ Best customer service around and they really know how to get your MINI set-up right.”


Sneed’s Speed Shop, 8331 Reynolda Road , Pfafftown , NC 27040 . 

(336) 923-2044