Miniology is the science and study of all things Mini.

More specifically, this refers to automobiles, mostly the small British car market consisting of “Mini” (classic era 1959-2000, as produced by a variety of makers, including Austin, Morris, BMC, Leyland, Riley, Woosley, Rover), “MINI” (new era, 2002 model year+ as produced by BMW)

We started this site near the end of 2003, as an outreach from our successful video podcast (“vodcast”) which you may find on YouTube and Google Video as “StarLord Mini Podcast” — there were a number of great commercial sites out there for news and information about the Mini/MINI, but we wanted a new site geared specifically towards clubs, their events, and the people; that is, created for and by enthusiasts.

Something interesting started to happen. Along with the regular Mini clubs in the Northern California area (where the majority of StarLord’s podcasts were recorded), we started cross-pollinating with other car enthusiast groups.

Now, we often find that classic Mini and new MINI events are shared with owners of other small (mostly classic) cars, such as the MGs and Triumphs, as well newer cars such as the Nissan 350Z, Mazda Miata, Smart ForTwo, etc. However, we are primarily Mini/MINI-oriented, so the news and events you find on Miniology will be largely focused in that direction.

Miniology, a non-profit and charitable organization, consists of dedicated volunteers who collaborate together on the site, blogs, video and audio podcasts, as well a forthcoming public-access TV show.

Our primary producers and correspondents are:

Rob ‘Califzeph’ Saunders – owns a 2013 AL BLACK Mini Clubman, named Jack Clubman. Previously, he motored in a 2004 red Mini Cooper S, highly modified and tricked out with all sorts of electronics. Rob is our main West-coast/California correspondent as well produces and edits many of the podcasts. He lives in Goodyear Arizona and covers the majority of the Phoenix area events and vicinity. Send your email stuff to ROB at MINIOLOGY dot COM! Rob is often trailed closely by his Chihuahuas and wife Alice (aka LWR)

Christopher ‘StarLord’ Calhoun – has owned both Classic and new MINI models, as well a 2008 smart ForTwo Passion Coupe and a old Chevy Blazer (“the Winter beater”). For the past few years Christopher was our Canadian correspondant with wife Rhonda, though they were often so busy having fun they forgot to take any pictures or videos of the experience. When he isn’t busy doing website stuff or grabbing press releases fresh from BMW/MINI, he’s also lending a hand with Rob to publish the other broadcast media content from our fearless team of Miniologists worldwide! So hurry now and email Chris AT Miniology DOT com, he’s back in California and looking for demo rides (or footage therefrom) of other people’s Minis, LOL.

We have a number of other contributors which post articles, take photos, and film videos with us. We will be adding to this list, as well detailing the bio info on everyone as soon as I get off my arse to do so. Here’s a few..


Norm ‘Pooper’ Nelson – owns a completely blacked out “stealth” MINI Pooper S with an immeasurable amount of modifications, a very wicked machine indeed. If you look on the boot you will find the ‘C’ in the cooper badge has been replaced by a ‘P’. Norm is one of the founding members of the Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts club in Northern California. His wife Jesse drives a gorgeous little black British Open Classic (Rover reshell) named ‘Pynt Syz’ — both cars have custom flames painted on them as well, a matching pair! Norm and Jesse have other Minis in their family as well, so you never know what they might be driving 😉

LaLa is our resident super-spy/interview goddess and all-around fun person to be around. She was last spotted “in a fresh white suit and a MINI coop sittin’ on Dubs”, somewhere in the Long Island area. When she isn’t motoring the countryside, she’s likely studying earth and space sciences, because, you know, she rocks, and likes rocks, and space rocks, and … well, you can stalk her on twitter or facebook if you don’t believe me 😉

Dave ‘Ozbot’ Villarreal – owns the Miniology project car, ‘Bonnie’, a NZ edition Mk1 1962 Morris Mini Cooper, one of the most original examples of a classic Mini anyone has ever seen! Dave is our master behind the scenes, he helps StarLord in covering San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose (South Bay) events, as well various annual car shows, and does some of the wicked post-production editing and Flash video export conversion for the podcasts. You can send email to Dav AT Miniology DOT com!

Murray ‘murmini’ Wilson – Drives a blue MINI Cooper S and heads the Georgia area club meets. He actively posts in his own blog as well keeps us informed of events in the South Eastern part of the US.

‘LilMiniPops’ (true identity kept secret) – Drives a sparkle-black classic Rover Mini, and provides us with some very tasty videos each year from the UK’s fabulous Moorland and Coastal run. This video is available as a DVD and some clips are known to be posted on MySpace. Cheers!

‘BigStevie1275’ – My mate across the pond, in Ireland, who has a wicked red Mini and drives almost as crazy as I do whilst videotaping various runs and rallyes throughout Ireland! Most of his stuff is posted on YouTube.

‘Chipmunkcom.net’ – My mate in Belgium, gets all sorts of nifty new MINI commercials, content, and sees stuff over there way before we get the chance to see them in person here, and we share some of this in the Miniology video feeds! You can access his stuff from YouTube as well, thanks for sharing!

‘Mini Winter Rally’ just teamed up with us and will be covering the events (as they have done the past few years) and sharing these pictures and videos with the world via our exclusive Miniology.com posts!

Peter ‘Zeid’ Zeidrich – Drives an award-winning silver MINI Cooper S and is very active poster in MOASF as well REME forums, he helps Norm with the monthly events calendar as well makes an effort to keep the updated list of Mini / MINI clubs in check. Peter has given invaluable assistance to keep all of us excited and informed of upcoming events. Invaluable, as in, we don’t pay him a dime. Sad isn’t it? Be sure to thank Peter and everyone else from the volunteer Miniology staff next time you see them!

Our blogging interface of choice is ‘WordPress’ (wordpress.org) and we are using a modified version of Santhosh’s ‘Benz’ theme (themebin.com) with several open-source plug-ins, as well content that is licensed through GPL or Creative Commons, all of which make this site’s wonderful imagery possible! 🙂

Thanks to Rich ‘RomeoMike’ McGowen) for doing most of the initial PHP programming work on the site. Christopher Calhoun did the banners you see on the top and sides except the artwork or photos as provided by the clubs or sponsors we link to (though we’ve had a hand in reformatting these for the site as well)


PS: The email addresses aren’t put in clickable format to help avoid spam and people hoovering addresses from the site. Hope you can figure out how to use them. For example bad@spam.com would be ‘Bad AT spam DOT com’ see? Of course you do..

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