AMVIV 4 Video Diary

Hi, AMVIV folks!

Rob’s video, remixed and edited down with new music for your pleasure..

Rob “Califzeph” Saunders brings us his experience while at “A MINI Vacation in Vegas 4” in Las Vegas, NV. Covering 5 days of activities, his AMVIV 4 video diary includes numerous activities that he attended, hundreds of MINI/Minis and tons of comradery.

Press the white ‘play’ triangle in the image below to view the movie. Please wait a few seconds for the stream to start! This is formatted for Video iPod but presented in Flash Video for online streaming.

[flv: 320 240]

Solely produced and narrated by Rob Saunders / The Electric Crayon, post-production editing by StarLord, for – background music (by iLife) is copyright by the respective owner(s) and used by permission.

A bit longer and well, edited different, Rob’s original AMVIV 4 video is here..

[flv: 384 256]

In addition to the videos here, Miniology will have live audio and video broadcasts throughout the AMVIV event.

Be sure to stop by the Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts (REME) club booth and say “hi!” as well pick-up information on the MMMT event this summer in San Francisco!

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  1. Rob,

    In working video myself and looking at the hours and hours of all you put together – thank you!!! You brought the viewer right there and it was really enjoyable all the way through – didn’t even have to pay over $3.00 a gallon to enjoy!!!

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