AMVIV 4 (A MINI Vacation in Vegas) – We’ll see ya there!


With over 388 vehicles registered by the March 17th pre-registration date, “A MINI Vacation in Vegas 4” is going to certainly turn out to be one of the biggest showings to date. We couldn’t just let a National MINI/Mini event go by without getting the Miniology producers and cameramen out there to cover the events! Rob(Califzeph) and his team are eager to get some good footage so make sure to say Hi when you see them! AMVIV 4 will run from Thursday March 22nd to Sunday March 25th. In store for attendees includes several scenic drives (including Route 66 and Death Valley!), meet and greets, vendors, and plenty of fun!

We are also hoping to have a live AV feed through Skype and we’ll have more details on that in the next couple of days.

Are you planning on getting video? Why not contribute to the ‘cast?? Send us an E-Mail and let us know!