BMW celebrates 10 years of the new MINI


[Source BMW Group, United Kingdom, August 11, 2011]

Over a third of a million Brits have bought one, they’ve clocked up an estimated 15 billion miles on UK roads and have driven enough miles to go around the world 600,000 times or take 33,000 return journeys to the moon and back (based on approximately 300,000 MINIs sold in the UK since its launch and an estimated mileage of 10,000 miles driven per year).

In the summer of 2001 the very first BMW built MINI rolled off of the production line in Oxford, 10 years later MINI is celebrating a decade of motoring by taking its owners on a virtual trip into space.

MINI is inviting its owners and enthusiasts to log the details of their car into a virtual space world called ‘MINI Lunatics’ ( Using the car’s mileage, their MINI will be blasted into the depths of virtual space before being docked in the MINI space station.

Exclusive prizes are available for lucky owners who randomly dock in a part of the MINI space station where a prize is hidden. A trip for four to Cape Canaveral is also up for grabs for any ‘MINI Lunatics’ who find seven hidden words which have been carefully placed around the site. Users can enter the prize draw by clicking on the moon.

Extra special prizes are also up for grabs for drivers who have driven the equivalent distance to the moon. Drivers with 252,000 miles or more can register their MINI’s details to be in with a chance of winning special limited edition MINI memorabilia.

You can interact more with MINI UK by hitting the Facebook page at

(Just so you don’t get confused, the official/classic Mini heritage, born in 1959, turned 50 a few years back. When Rover group was purchased by BMW, the Mini brand, her factories, and what-not were included in the sale, and one of the various prototype/concept models later became the new MINI, but you probably already knew that, hehe..)