BMW picks new marketing agencies

Yeah, the original working title they wanted to use was “BMW North America announces agency selections for multicultural and diversity marketing.”

That of itself smells like a boat load of marketing fluff doesn’t it? We thought so too. Anyway, kidding over the verbiage aside, yesterday, in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, BMW announced Sanders\Wingo Advertising in Austin, TX has been appointed to support all the diversity marketing activities for MINI USA.

Jim McDowell, VP of MINI USA (remember, our gal interviewed him a short time ago?) said, “MINI’s customer base is becoming increasingly diverse as our vehicle lineup expands, and Sanders/Wingo Advertising clearly understands the multicultural audiences that are key for us. As we continue to grow the brand, Sanders/Wingo’s impressive capabilities in the areas of strategic planning and market research within multicultural segments will be crucial for increasing awareness of MINI’s distinctive design, go-kart handling and extremely high level of customization.”

We’re sure the marketing folks gave him a few pointers on what to say, because really, as cool as marketing people are, nobody really talks that way in normal conversation, and we should know.. we spout a lot of marketing fluff ourselves for our podcasts. Nonetheless, that’s a very cool and MINI spirit sort of thing to do, concentrate some efforts towards multicultural diversity, which, as you know, Minis have been all over that since the first car rolled off the production line in 1959.

Yay, multiculturalism and diversity! We look forward to seeing some of the new stuff coming from this agency and will report more whenever we get juicy tidbits (or more marketing fluff) to share with all our miniologists — that means you 😉