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While the general public may see them as “those cute little cars from the Austin Powers movies,” enthusiasts know that MINIs are actually superior driving machines with small profiles – the automotive embodiment of “small but mighty.” They’re stylish, rather than overly flashy, and while they have much to offer, it’s also true that a lot of the excess seen in larger, less refined cars, has been stripped away. In a sense, shares many of the same traits.

Refined. focuses solely on affordable car insurance, so when you browse the pages there, you won’t be distracted by offers for homeowners coverage or term life insurance that you either already have or don’t need. Instead, you’ll find comprehensive information on all aspects of insurance shopping, from techniques to maximize your savings, to information on what to look for when shopping for specialty insurance.

Much to Offer. In addition to their general auto insurance information, also offers a library of articles and news. The former include in-depth looks at important issues, from the truth behind motorcycle accident statistics, to which cars are the most fuel efficient (in case you need to buy one for someone else in the family, and reduce the competition to drive the MINI). There’s also a collection of regularly-updated news items that shed light on auto insurance trends around the country, and elsewhere in the world. It is here that you will learn about legal precedents, rate policies, and even carrier-sponsored charity events.

Small Profiles. Because offers quotes from many insurers, they’ve chosen to provide a selection of insurance company reviews. These cover the standard products offered by the most popular auto insurance companies in the United States and the United Kingdom, including assessments of their websites, including online customer service options, so visitors know what to expect.

Stylish. The very design of this website is the epitome of user-friendliness and time-consciousness. Pages are cleanly designed and load quickly, the menu bar is easy to find, and the quote button appears on every page. As well, visitors are never subjected to annoying ads or bandwidth-intensive flash presentations.

Small but Mighty. The core of any insurance website is its quote engine, and the one at is elegant in its simplicity. Users are asked to provide minimal, non-invasive information which is submitted via secure servers. In return, they receive emailed offers from insurance companies or agents local to them. Information is never sold or shared, and shoppers won’t feel pressured by hard-sell techniques.

Just as MINIs are appreciated by an enthusiastic but discerning segment of the driving population, so, too, is a site for the savvy shopper. At this site, you won’t find flashing buttons offering discounts that may or may not be real. Instead, you’ll find a lot of incredibly useful information, and easy access to fast, free quotes, all bundled into a neat, trim package.

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