Miniology Radio Live Streaming Tonight!

Once again, we will attempt to live stream as we record the latest episode of Miniology Radio.

Join us tonight (Sunday 1 July), as we give you about an hour of entertaining Mini fun, fueled by cocktails and peppered with the occasional swear word.

To listen in, just click on the Miniology Live link at the top of this page.

AMVIV Early Reg Opens May 11th!

It’s about that time! Early registration for AMVIV is May 11, if you haven’t signed up yet I encourage you to click on this link and sign up!

Check this out, the “Strip Cruise” this AMVIV will be run in our pajama’s! Of course pajama’s are optional* and you are encouraged to motor the runway in your own fashion!! Maybe you would rather rock a zombie outfit, it’s your run! I am told that our very own Agro might have some ORANGE pj’s/tutu for this very motor, and as always some pre-motor hugs!

Jules was been spotted “buttering up” security at Palace this week! Rumor has it she was posting wanted photo’s of the Evil Twins at “5b” and schmoozing with Security. She’s definitely up to something interesting! Like us on Facebook to follow her mayhem! Click this link if you still need to get your room!

That is just a taste of the sweet goodness we have in store for you at this years event! Soon we will be adding a section to our site that has “alternative activities” for you to explore while on your MINI Vacation in Vegas!

Send me a note if you are traveling in a group and want me to blast it! I love a good story.

*”OPTIONAL” DISCLOSURE Chris Tunison when I say “optional” I mean you can wear regular clothing!
For those of you that don’t know Chris, he was the winner of the “COMMANDO” award for AMVIV8 enough said.

Lisa – SCMC Secretary

AMVIV Update From Julie…

Palace Station is ready for you! Group rate details for the weekend are:

Courtyard Rooms – $39.00 per night Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday, $59.00 per night Friday & Saturday
Tower Rooms – $59.00 per night Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday, $89.00 per night Friday & Saturday
All room rates are also subject to room tax and the special-for-our-event $4.95 hotel service fee.

Call 1-800-634-3101 and use reservation ID PCIAMV8 and identify yourself as an AMVIV or Sin City MINI Club attendee.

If you don’t use the telephone number and code listed above, you won’t get the rate. So, please – when booking your hotel rooms for AMVIV8 call the number and use the code. Your choice. Any problems or issues booking your room, please let us know.

The next bit of news – and I’m sure everyone has been chomping at the bit on this one – what are we planning??

Our motivation this year is to give AMVIV attendees more of what they might be looking for on their MINI Vacation in Vegas. We’re focusing our efforts on what makes you folks choose a trip to Vegas over some other destination. And what might those things be? Have a look at some of the things we’re coordinating and maybe you’ll get the idea –

** A MINI Poker Tournament or a MINI Slots Tournament – They both sound good to us, do you have a preference of one or the other? Let us know.
** A Scavenger Hunt down on Glitter Gulch – Everyone loves visiting Freemont Street when they come here: wandering in and out of casinos all at street level the way Vegas used to be. There’s a new attraction down there, too – the Freemont Flightlines. Talk about a rush! We’re planning a Hunt that’s sure to bring lots of laughs.
** An Autocross with the Las Vegas Sports Car Club of America down at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
** The Boot & Bonnet Show will return, so attendees can browse all the vendor swag and mods
** Speaking of vendors… We’re planning a Vendor Mixer this year up in the Palace Station Parking Garage – A chance for us to get together and chat, show off our cars, and socialize with the vendors with all their so-cool after market offerings, complete with food and lots of liquid refreshment.
** We’re planning fewer scheduled runs this year, so there is less conflict within event. Attendees won’t necessarily have to choose which things to do, and miss something good because they can’t be in two places at once (maps will be provided for a variety of other places, in case attendees would like to venture out on their own)
** Show & Shine Car Show – This year, the plan is for the Car Show to incorporate both official judging and attendee voting. We’re trying to help a very important local charity through the Car Show, SAFE House, so there will be a small, tax-deductible fee to take part in the Car Show
** The Infamous Strip Cruise – well, we’re trying on this one. We’ve been told if ‘they’ catch us congregating on The Strip for something, we can expect warnings, tickets… you name it. We’re trying to come up with a plan, that will get us back down there similar to how we have in the past – so we can convoy down that traffic light filled lane amongst the towering resorts of the modern Las Vegas Strip J
** Chartered Boulder Dam Tour – we’ve got a package deal, folks. They’ll give us a van, bus, buses – depending entirely upon how many attendees sign up for this. We’ll enjoy a chartered ride down to the Boulder Dam in comfort amidst the honking and stop and go of what could be a whole lots of cars, join a guided generator tour of the Dam, and have time to walk out onto that brand new Boulder Dam Overpass Bridge you’ve all heard so much about. For this adventure you can leave your MINIs at the garage, and let someone else do all the driving.
** Party at The Palace – Banquets are a thing of the past, so we’re planning a Party for Saturday night. We’ll have prizes to giveaway, White Roof Radio will be there, maybe a DJ, and again there will be food and lots of liquid refreshment available. Hammering away at all the details on this, but we’re hoping it will be a MINI night to remember.

This is only a partial list, we are also looking at a possible night out on the town and another poker run. The list could change as we get closer to the event. We are also contacting a variety of venues in town, to try and arrange for ticket/admission discounts at attractions, where they choose to cooperate with us. Things like The AdventureDome at Circus Circus, The Las Vegas Mob Experience at The Tropicana, MINIature Golf, go-karts, CSI at The MGM Grand. We’re hoping to get some good options for those of you that want to venture out on your own.

One other change worth noting, we’re making the switch to an electronic brochure for the event. Sorry, but it’s time to move away from the commemorative booklet. We’re going to embrace modern technology, and use our website, Facebook, Twitter and maybe even a customized AMVIV app for smartphones to keep you apprised on the schedule of events, and any changes to it once the event kicks off. Look for a special AMVI8 Flickr page as well – to capture all your photographic memories of the weekend in one handy place for all of us to share.

That’s about all I’ve got for you now. Keep on the lookout for the next update – and plan on AMVIV8 Registration to open in early February. See you in May at The Palace!!

Jules – SCMC President

Here’s a link to our annual MINI/Mini Extravaganza, happening May 19-22, 2011 and on Facebook

Happy Motoring!

AMVIV 2011 Slated! Returns To Palace Station!

AMVIV8 will be May 19 – 22, 2011 at Palace Station.

A MINI Vacation in Vegas (AMVIV for short) is an annual club-run event hosted by the Sin City MINI Club for MINI and Mini Cooper enthusiasts. It’s a chance for folks to take time out of their busy schedules to head out to the desert and schmooze with fellow Miniacs.

If your dream is to rally through the streets in and around Las Vegas with a bunch of MINIs and Minis, we do that. If your goal is to drool over the latest and greatest mods and accessories for your trusty “steed”, we can help you. If your wish is simply to share a meal or some drinks and compare rally stories until the wee hours of the night, we definitely have you covered.

We’re gathering back at Palace Station the weekend before Memorial Day in 2011, and we’re hoping you’ll make the trek out to join us.

Get your info at