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Premium quality, racing know-how and MINI feeling are now even more closely united: John Cooper Works continues success story with extended product range and new brand identity.

Munich. The roots shared by the names MINI and John Cooper Works reach back almost 50 years. Now a new chapter of their success story has been opened. Under the roof of MINI the entire product range designed for the driver with a specifically sporting ambition will bear the John Cooper Works label. Consequently, John Cooper Works will in future become an integral part of the MINI brand and represent more than ever before the epitome of ultimate driving fun for all MINI enthusiasts.

A visible sign of this repositioning is the newly devised brand logo which will be seen on all future John Cooper Works products. It is the guarantee for exceptional racing know-how, for an avid aspiration to achieve peak efficiency as well as for a deep understanding of the unconventional character and the outstanding quality demands expected of MINI. All John Cooper Works performance components are perfectly adapted to suit the MINI and are developed and manufactured at the highest premium level. They fulfil the high BMW Group standards with regard to reliability, workmanship and authenticity and are therefore also subject to the warranty conditions applicable to MINI.

MINI and John Cooper Works – an alliance with tradition.

MINI USA head talks about Mini Clubman at LA Auto Show

Wish we were there, but hey AutoNetwork was, and here’s their video as posted on YouTube!

Cool video, I like most of these folk’s vids because they are clean, edited but not “in your face” – You can see more of their vids at — so stated the largest selection of new car Ride and Drives on the Internet – with over 850 videos posted to YouTube, I can totally believe that! 🙂

MINI Sports Activity Vehicle will be built at Magna Steyr

What?! A MINI SAV?! Yeah, you heard it here first.. well.. maybe not.. but the concept is done and production to follow…

Does this mean another, larger version of the clubman is forthcoming? Yes, it does.

Someone smack me and tell me the BMW press club isn’t smoking crack and hell hasn’t froze over?!

( minutes later.. )

Ok, I just chatted with White Roof Radio‘s Don Burnside (aka DB) and he confirmed this has been in the works for some time, and yes it is much like the clubman, except, imagine it with 4 full-size doors going back instead of just the suicide door on one side of the 9″ longer MINI we see today.

Here’s the write-up from BMW AG. We had this posted in broken Google-translated German earlier, however ask and ye shall receive, they just gave me an updated article in ENGLISH, yay!

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2008 MINI Convertible (full press write-up)

The MINI Cooper Convertible and MINI Cooper S Convertible: Genuine MINI
The MINI Cooper Convertible and MINI Cooper S Convertible bring the fun of open to motoring to the MINI brand. The authentic four-passenger convertibles have been engineered from the ground up to be fun-to-drive cars while offering a high level of safety and practicality.

The design of the MINI Convertible does not compromise appearance, functionality and engineering, and remains honest to the MINI concept of go-kart-like performance with a recognizable “MINI” appearance from every angle.

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2008 MINI Clubman (full press write-up)

More Room, More Utility, More Fun in the Latest “True” MINI:

Stretching the wheelbase a mere nine inches in comparison to the MINI hardtop does virtually nothing to diminish the go-kart-like driving characteristics of the new 2008 MINI Cooper Clubman and MINI Cooper S Clubman, but it significantly enhances interior room and utility as well as driver/passenger comfort and convenience for those who want more of this iconic British brand. And – in true MINI fashion – mixing the traditional with the modern results in both the car’s unique, but unmistakably MINI appearance and unique ways to access this interior: The tailgate carries forward the twin, outwardly hinged “split-doors” found on the Clubman’s ancestors, while rear-seat passengers ingress and egress is eased through the rear-hinged “Clubdoor” incorporated in the car’s right side.

The new MINI Cooper Clubman, an expansion to last year’s introduction of the second-generation of the modern MINI, mirrors the latest MINI Cooper hardtop – both inside and out, in terms of equipment – from the radiator grill to the B pillars. This means the new variants share the 172-horsepower turbocharged engine of the MINI Cooper S and the 118-hp, naturally aspirated four-cylinder powerplant of the MINI Cooper, both driving the front wheels, as well as dashboard, seats (with the exception of some upholstery colors and materials as well as interior trim colors), comfort and convenience features and switch gear. And they share the chassis components, as well as the soul, which have earned the MINI accolades on its fun-to-drive, go-kart-like handling characteristics.

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2008 MINI Hardtop (full press write-up)

The MINI Experience Continues:

Go-kart-driving fun, an interior that provides the maximum amount of car in the minimum amount of space and a myriad of personalization possibilities keep the 2008 MINI Cooper and Cooper S on top of the small-car premium segment – some 800,000 units produced since the 2000 introduction of the first generation new MINI.

The body of the latest generation MINI – introduced last year – boasts evolutionary development from the iconic 1959 Classic Mini, while the interior, including styling cues are evocative of the original and contain the latest technological advances found today. And powering either the 2008 MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S are a pair of four-cylinder engines resembling the original MINI’s in cylinder number and placement, transversely over the front axle, but far more efficient, cleaner and powerful.

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Gratuitous MINI Clubman footage!

From our friends at http://Chipmunk.Com we have what looks like the same photographer that took the Barcelona footage of the new 2007 MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S, showcasing the exterior and interior of the MINI Clubman. Now all those people who say they would get a MINI if they could carry more stuff…? Your new car has arrived!