2008 MINI Convertible (full press write-up)

The MINI Cooper Convertible and MINI Cooper S Convertible: Genuine MINI
The MINI Cooper Convertible and MINI Cooper S Convertible bring the fun of open to motoring to the MINI brand. The authentic four-passenger convertibles have been engineered from the ground up to be fun-to-drive cars while offering a high level of safety and practicality.

The design of the MINI Convertible does not compromise appearance, functionality and engineering, and remains honest to the MINI concept of go-kart-like performance with a recognizable “MINI” appearance from every angle.

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2008 MINI Clubman (full press write-up)

More Room, More Utility, More Fun in the Latest “True” MINI:

Stretching the wheelbase a mere nine inches in comparison to the MINI hardtop does virtually nothing to diminish the go-kart-like driving characteristics of the new 2008 MINI Cooper Clubman and MINI Cooper S Clubman, but it significantly enhances interior room and utility as well as driver/passenger comfort and convenience for those who want more of this iconic British brand. And – in true MINI fashion – mixing the traditional with the modern results in both the car’s unique, but unmistakably MINI appearance and unique ways to access this interior: The tailgate carries forward the twin, outwardly hinged “split-doors” found on the Clubman’s ancestors, while rear-seat passengers ingress and egress is eased through the rear-hinged “Clubdoor” incorporated in the car’s right side.

The new MINI Cooper Clubman, an expansion to last year’s introduction of the second-generation of the modern MINI, mirrors the latest MINI Cooper hardtop – both inside and out, in terms of equipment – from the radiator grill to the B pillars. This means the new variants share the 172-horsepower turbocharged engine of the MINI Cooper S and the 118-hp, naturally aspirated four-cylinder powerplant of the MINI Cooper, both driving the front wheels, as well as dashboard, seats (with the exception of some upholstery colors and materials as well as interior trim colors), comfort and convenience features and switch gear. And they share the chassis components, as well as the soul, which have earned the MINI accolades on its fun-to-drive, go-kart-like handling characteristics.

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2008 MINI Hardtop (full press write-up)

The MINI Experience Continues:

Go-kart-driving fun, an interior that provides the maximum amount of car in the minimum amount of space and a myriad of personalization possibilities keep the 2008 MINI Cooper and Cooper S on top of the small-car premium segment – some 800,000 units produced since the 2000 introduction of the first generation new MINI.

The body of the latest generation MINI – introduced last year – boasts evolutionary development from the iconic 1959 Classic Mini, while the interior, including styling cues are evocative of the original and contain the latest technological advances found today. And powering either the 2008 MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S are a pair of four-cylinder engines resembling the original MINI’s in cylinder number and placement, transversely over the front axle, but far more efficient, cleaner and powerful.

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Gratuitous MINI Clubman footage!

From our friends at http://Chipmunk.Com we have what looks like the same photographer that took the Barcelona footage of the new 2007 MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S, showcasing the exterior and interior of the MINI Clubman. Now all those people who say they would get a MINI if they could carry more stuff…? Your new car has arrived!


“Best Resale Value in Convertible Category” and Top 10 Scorer Overall
Los Angeles, CA – November 14, 2007…

MINI took home two honors in Kelley Blue Book’s “2008 Best Resale Value Awards”. MINI was awarded a top spot with “Best Resale Value” in the Convertible category. In addition, the MINI Cooper has been named an overall Top 10 in “Best Resale Value”. The MINI Cooper is the only vehicle to consistently be on Kelley Blue Book’s Top 10 Best Resale Value list every year since 2003.

Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Awards honor vehicles expected to retain the greatest proportion of their original retail price after five years of ownership. Depreciation often is the greatest expense incurred by drivers during the first five years of vehicle ownership, but according to Kelley Blue Book, shoppers who purchase the 2008 MINI Cooper are projected to obtain greater resale value down the road.

“We are overjoyed to receive this recognition from Kelley Blue Book for the MINI,” noted Jim McDowell, Vice President, MINI USA. “We are committed to offering our owners outstanding value in areas of performance, safety and fun. The overwhelming enthusiasm MINI owners have for their car is a testament to our commitment and we see strong resale value as an important indicator of our efforts.”

“As a testament to MINI’s unwavering appeal, both the hatchback and convertible versions shine yet again in this year’s Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards,” said Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book’s kbb.com. “Without a doubt, the expressive and fun MINI remains a resale champion.”

Kelley Blue Book’s 2008 Best Resale Value Awards are based on values from the November/December 2007 Kelley Blue Book? Residual Value Guide, researched by an expert staff of automotive market analysts. While the company’s Residual Value Guide has been published since 1981, Kelley Blue Book established its annual Best Resale Value Awards in 2003. Each year, Kelley Blue Book announces its Best Resale Value Awards by vehicle category, the Top 10 models, and best overall brand.

About Kelley Blue Book
Since 1926, Kelley Blue Book, The Trusted Resource®, has provided vehicle buyers and sellers with the new and used vehicle information they need to accomplish their goals with confidence. The company’s top-rated Web site, kbb.com, provides the most up-to-date pricing and values, including the New Car Blue Book® Value, which reveals what people actually are paying for new cars. The company also reports vehicle pricing and values via products and services, including software products and the famous Blue Book® Official Guide. Kbb.com is rated the No. 1 automotive information site by Nielsen//NetRatings and the most visited auto site by J.D. Power and Associates eight years in a row. No other medium reaches more in-market vehicle shoppers than kbb.com; nearly one in every three American car buyers performs their research on kbb.com.


New Member of MINI Family Offers Flexibility, Fun and Performance
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – November 14, 2007…

The 2008 MINI Clubman, an all-new addition to the MINI model line, has just made its North American debut today at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, bowing to the audience most unconventionally, with its rear-end first! With a little more room in the back and an innovative door configuration, the eagerly anticipated MINI Clubman defies convention in its concept and style. This all new addition to the MINI family will go on sale in the US February 16th, 2008 as both a Cooper and a Cooper S model. The MINI Cooper Clubman will be offerd with a MSRP of $20,600, while the MINI Cooper S Clubman will come with a MSRP of $24,100. Both prices include a $650 Destination charge.

The MINI Clubman paves the way into a totally-new market segment, offering new opportunities for the MINI brand and showcasing, yet again, MINI’s leadership in the premium small car segment. With its hallmark design elements, the MINI Clubman is clearly a MINI from every angle. Yet it is the MINI Clubman’s unique rear-end design and new proportions that distinguish it from other members of the MINI family and make it unlike anything else on the road today.

Compelling Design and Five Doors in a Brand-New Configuration.
MINI is well known for its combination of successful attributes – a truly unique design; agile driving characteristics; premium quality; a high level of safety; a wide range of customization options, and outstanding efficiency. Now the all-new MINI Clubman offers another compelling attribute – an additional 9.45 inches in body length and wheelbase extended by 3.15 inches that helps create more space in the rear legroom area. What makes the MINI Clubman truly unique is its innovative five door configuration with the conventional driver’s and front passenger’s door supplemented by an additional rear-hinged door on the right-hand side of the car and the two split-rear doors in the back.

The MINI Clubman extends an open welcome to rear-seat passengers with the “Clubdoor”, a rather ingenious door configuration on the right side of the vehicle. The Clubdoor swings open in the opposing direction relative to the main passenger door to dramatically increase the access to the rear seating area. Behind the front seats, the new MINI Clubman offers remarkable rear seating comfort and flexible use of space. Rear seat passengers now enjoy 3.15 inches more legroom compared to the MINI hardtop. Without an exterior handle, the Clubdoor is integrated unobtrusively into the body design of the MINI Clubman and for safety, can only be opened with the adjoining front door open. The MINI Clubman comes to the US in a four passenger configuration.

The split-rear doors at the back of the MINI Clubman are another unique design element of the MINI Clubman and open up to offer easy and convenient access for larger parcels and equipment such as sports gear. In addition to increased functionality, the split-rear doors represent a modern interpretation of an authentic detail seen on MINI’s classic forerunners. The rear doors are further highlighted with the C-pillars painted in a contrasting silver or black finish. Inside, the generous luggage compartment may be further extended with a flexible rear seat configuration, offering very easy and convenient loading options thanks to the two rear doors.

The MINI Clubman is the modern successor to the legendary classics Morris Mini Traveller, Austin Mini Countryman, and Mini Clubman Estate. However, the MINI Clubman retains all the functionality, handling and performance characteristics that one expects in a thoroughly modern MINI.

Enhanced Function With MINI Performance and Driving Characteristics.
MINI has developed the new MINI Clubman specifically for the active and passionate individualist wishing to consciously stand out. The MINI Clubman retains its sporting character, while offering new and flexible options in interior use and practical value. Despite its slightly longer proportions the MINI Clubman retains MINI’s typical “wheels at the four corners” stance and the car’s driving characteristics still offer the legendary go-kart feeling unique to MINI.

The MINI Clubman will be available in the U.S. with two different engines:
* Powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder with twin-scroll turbocharger, direct gasoline injection and maximum output of 175 hp at an engine speed of 5,500 rpm, the MINI Cooper S Clubman offers the highest level of performance.
* The MINI Cooper Clubman, benefiting from its 1.6-liter four-cylinder developing 120 hp at 6,600 rpm and featuring fully variable valve management, offers impressive performance and economy.

More Than 40 Color Combinations for the Individualist
Motoring in a MINI is more than just getting from A to B – it is an expression of ones’ lifestyle – a genuine attitude towards life. In particular, it is the focus on the enjoyment and experience of driving combined with an appreciation of powerful, trendsetting design. The MINI Clubman offers the enthusiast even greater options in personalizing his or her style, with more than 40 combinations of the exterior paintwork alone. Add to that the full compliment of options and features and the possible combinations a MINI Clubman can be configured becomes almost limitless.

MINI appoints Dan Pulleyn to head up CHERISHED scheme

MINI UK is responding to increased demand for its used cars by appointing a dedicated Used Car Development Manager. Dan Pulleyn is the man charged with building recognition of the MINI CHERISHED brand and helping more UK motorists get behind the wheel of pre-loved MINIs.

Since October 2001, MINI CHERISHED has made owning a MINI more viable for those wanting the style and driver experience offered by all MINIs, but at a more competitive price. The CHERISHED programme offers significant benefits to customers, including minimum 12 month warranty and emergency service cover, as well as the renowned MINI TLC servicing package.
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