Oooh La La! Laura LaRue Is Our Babe Z Month!

Singer, Songwriter, talented and lovely! Laura is our new obsession at Miniology, and from the fresh pix here, you can plainly see why! Click on any pic to see the larger version.

A clean Mini is a happy Mini!

We asked Laura some questions, and here are her replies:

What year is your Mini?

What is your Mini’s name?
Petit Chou (Little cutie).

Is it a boy or a girl?
Well to make a long story longer… born a boy, but she’s trans gender and I support her ALL Z WAY.

What mods or other special things have you done with your Mini?
No mods, she’s just as nature made her.

Yep, that windshield looks very clean!

Custom paint/graphics, etc.?
My next Mini will be custom I think, if I can ever find a 2 car garage in S.F. Incidentally, don’t mention my desire to adopt another Mini to Petit Chou. She doesn’t play well with others.

Is your Mini your daily driver?
Yes, she gets me all over town FAST and with her I can ALWAYS find parking -which is no small feat in San Francisco! The fact that Petit Chou’s a PLEASURE to drive is the icing on the petit four. Oh and btw, don’t tell P.C. but I’m currently lusting over the mini scooter E. I want, I WANT!

The arrow points to happiness.

Have you ever been to any Mini events like AMVIV or Mini’s On The Dragon?
Not yet -let’s go!

Are you a member of any Mini clubs?
No but I’m sure you can recommend some right? Hook a sister up Rob.

Tell us about you and your music!
Hopefully my music is fun and speaks for itself. I adore what I get to do and I’m grateful that I’ve found playmates who like to play with me! Z playmates being my talented producers. In a nutshell we’re interested in releasing joy and beauty into the air waves and pleasing ourselves in the process. At the end of the day we want to look back and say “That was so much fun, let’s do it again tomorrow.”

A girl and her guitar! And her Mini! It's magic!

Personality? Why yes just the one thank you, I’m no Sybil. Although Sally Field was great in the movie!

I approve of them. As long as they don’t smudge the windows on my Mini with their little chocolate fingers.

Day job?
To survive a day in the life of Laura LaRue IS a full time job. Just ask my friends.

I’ll pretend you didn’t ask me that Rob!

How long have you been writing/performing?
Define performing? I knew from a young age that I wanted to entertain and that I LOVED music. When I was 15 I taught myself how to play guitar by listening to records in my room. I joined my first band at 16 and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been writing and performing ever since and I’ll “practice” my craft as long as I live.

All of the cool chicks drive Minis! Fast!

Any upcoming live shows?
My manager’s working on a few things, when I get the skinny Miniology will be z first to know.

What got you into the music scene?
When I first heard bands like The Patti Smith Group, Blondie & The Ramones they made me think “I can do that!” That’s the beauty of Rock n Roll, it the “Peoples” music, like Jazz and blues -it’s not just for some, it’s for everyone.

Who are your musical influences?
I have so many. Burt Bacharach, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Dusty Springfield, David Bowie, Devo, ELO, Joao Gilberto, The Smiths, Frank Sinatra. I listen to a lot of international artists too -I love it all.

Any other interesting facts you can think of!
I eat mosty vegan but once in a while I’m tempted to eat fish -so I guess pesco-vegan is more accurate. Otherwise, I’m not very interesting I’m afraid. However, I surround myself the most interesting and intelligent people I can find! I learn so much from my friends, they are so entertaining and they keep me in the know. Quite frankly, if it were up to me I’d hide myself away in my studio all day and night just song writing/recording reading and sewing home made dresses on my brother sewing machine. That and joyriding with Petit Chou are my loves. My total comfort zone.


Laura’s new album “Beautifique” drops SPRING 2011. Look for it at Amazon, iTunes and all of the other usual places. Laura’s single from the album, “San Francisco Is My Disco”, is available NOW at iTunes as well.

Laura’s songs are also in the rotation at Miniology Live, so click that link above to hear the stream.

You can follow Laura on Twitter: @LaLaRueFrench75

Of course, every respectable artist has a web site:

We would like to thank photographer Vinny Cancelliere for the awesome pix!