ThinkGeek thumb-size MINI racer

[from ThinkGeek website, linked below]

Mini Mini Mini… Mini Coopers
With the current fuel crisis forcing people into smaller and smaller vehicles and spelling impending doom for society as we know it… we figured it was a perfect time to offer these Thumb-Size R/C Mini Coopers. Their all-electric engines run off of button type batteries and are very fuel efficient. Hey… they can’t carry much groceries in the trunk, but they do feature full control with forward/reverse and right/left turning… plus the remote looks like a tiny cellphone. Take that high gas prices!

Here’s a video they posted of the thumb-size racer in action..

Mini Gets Covered In Gems!

A million crystals. That’s what this MINI Cooper is glittering from, one million Swarovski crystals of 40 different colours. The creation is by Ken and Annie Burkitt of Ontario, Canada and it depicts 10 images of iconic American institutions, things like Mt Rushmore, the statue of Liberty, the American flag, White House, the soaring eagle and the Hollywood Hills sign among others. Resulting in eye-catching mobile art, the two artists placed these crystals by hand, one by one on the MINI.
The bling car, named American Icon, is featured at the new Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum at Piccadilly Circus in London.