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It starts tomorrow in SF! Christina Kroner and Norm and Jess Nelson will be there, from start to finish, covering Mini Takes The States, exclusively for Miniology! We will have reports all along the way!

Christina Kroner AKA LilCooper
Christina Kroner AKA LilCooper
Avast me hearties! Norm and Jess are on the beat!
Avast me hearties! Norm and Jess are on the beat!

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MiniMania’s Nevada City Adventure 2014 Is Coming Soon! And Miniology Will Be There!

The Great Nevada City Adventure takes place again this year at MiniMania in Nevada City, Ca. on Saturday May 31st.

Mini Mania’s 14th Annual Open House & Car Show AND 40 Year Anniversary! Please invite any of your Mini loving friends…
This is a FREE event!
Register here:
Some of the highlights include:
Free Lunch, “Ask the experts” panel, Mini Club Mall, Dyno Testing, Live Music, MINI tour and more.

Miniology TV and Radio will be on site again this year to cover all of the events on a live stream over uStream Networks. If you can’t make it this year, you can still catch all of the fun and action on this show hosted by our very own Norm Nelson and Chris Calhoun. Also, our very own Jessica Nelson will be on hand. Be sure to tune in for this great event!


We Fucked Up! And We Are Here To Admit It.


We got some interesting comments from some folks regarding our coverage of SouthWest Mini Fest on the latest edition of Miniology Radio:

“I just listened to your cast about the Southwest Mini?Fest. You made a comment this is Dynamic Mini Collective’s first annual Southwest Mini Fest. The DMC had absolutely nothing to do with the SWMF except for supplying the cake at the dinner. Jerry and Schyler put this event on with help from volunteers.”

“I just listened to the latest cast about SWMF. I believe you owe Jerry and Schyler a HUGH apology and you should do a retraction on your statement that the DMC put on this event. THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!! Other than supply the cake they couldn’t get their shit together to even be a sponsor. This is a huge slap in the face to the people that put this event together and honestly rocked the FUK out of it!! No I didn’t listen to it all I was (as an event volunteer) honestly to insulted to waste the time.”

I have spoken with Schyler about this misunderstanding and I am very sorry about the situation. SWMF was a great event and I do want the right people to get the credit for all of their hard work. I do understand that there is some friction between some of the different Mini groups in the area, and I hope we can all use Miniology as a way to further future cooperation between all parties. I will make sure that Schlyer and the other organizers get full credit. In the mean time, go ahead and listen to the show. I think it’s pretty entertaining.

We would like to reiterate that the SouthWest Mini Fest was the total effort of Schyler Wadolny and Jerry Arias, as well as many other great volunteers, as well as the awesome vendors. Miniology salutes these great people for their hard work and dedication to making SWMF a fantastic event.

Miniology Radio April 2014: SouthWest Mini Fest And More

Win me!
Win me!

Join Rob, Chris, Norm and Jerry for an hour of all things Mini, including a recap of the tribute to Paddy Hopkirk, as well as a guest appearance from Schyler and Jerry of SWMF!

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