Chevy’s feeble attempt to copy MINI

Chevy Nomad crossover concept
Whoever said copying stuff was a form of flattery probably works for GM. In a move similar to BMW’s penchant for reviving old monikers for its MINI brand of automobiles (cooper, checkmate, sidewalk, clubman, moke, need I go on?)

I give you the concept “Chevy Nomad” (wtf? a Nomad? this is not..) Chevy wants to call this a Nomad, but it looks more like a new MINI clubman than the iconic big Chevy of old..

In an effort to tug a bit at the heartstrings of auto enthusiasts, they slap a old corvette style grille and your stock issue big 5-bar patterned wheels on this chopped thing, whose size and interior resembles more so a rabid minivan than muscle car.

When I see stuff like this on the drawing board — take the Saturn Sky for example, which originally looked more like a Mazda Miata than the production roaster does today  — well I can’t really give the project much more than a glimmer of hope.

I better stop now before the political soap box really gets going (see my other blog for that!) You know, if you want a MINI clubman, just get a MINI clubman they’re only $26k and worth every penny.

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  1. Couldn’t disagree with you more. Now that I consider it. I would feel the same about bringing back a t-rex. Why not downsize?? Could walk with me to the park.

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