Classic Mini for sale (again?!)

Henley - 1968 Classic Mini for sale!
You may have seen on craigslist or minimania, yes me, StarLord, is selling “Henley”, one of the Miniology classic cars. It’s because I’m moving out of my home and going to rent an apartment (San Francisco probably) where I won’t have the garage space to keep or work on the classic. This leaves Dave’s 62 New Zealand car as the official Miniology vehicle and Califzeph’s 04 Cooper S as the new MINI — so still plenty of love to go around, including the modified new MINIs owned by Zied, Minipenny, Norm, Leeta, Rob C., and gosh, other Miniologists world-wide!

We’re asking $10k or best offer for Henley, with all his glorious mods that’s quite a steal!! You can see the ad we posted on sponsor Mini Mania site… by [ clicking here ]