Classic Mini race parts legend returns from China

Yay, he’s back!

John Koo returns from earthquake-ridden China to fabricate more of his absolutely awesome classic Mini parts (as sold by MiniMania, Seven Enterprises, Heritage Garage, others). For us local club members, this is often an opportune time where he will work on a few of our restorations with us, fix stuff, tune them up, whatever he may have time for.

Ming Lai, an avid SRACER fan and customer!Seriously though, better call him quick and schedule something if you want your car worked on.. you never know when he will go back to China to fly helicopters, race cars, aide earthquake victims, or party like a rockstar (whatever he does, LOL, just kidding John!)

A few caveats for the new folks … if I may be so bold..

#1 he is a wholesale fabricator — really, he only works on certain Minis as a favor to us club members. Trained Mini mechanics of his or Jon Becker’s caliber are difficult to come by throughout the world, let alone the SF Bay Area 🙂

That said he does this out of his home and takes time to do it right. There is no staff of mechanics with fancy service bays or a lounge for you to wait in while your car is worked on, no on-site ATMs or credit card machines, no payment plans or financing, no starbucks coffee brewing, pastries, sushi, or freshly made coconut juice. No storefront, cute sracer tshirts or jackets to buy (though you may get a sticker or key fob from time to time).

Expect to make other arrangements for a ride, since there’s no car rental agency or loaners. BART is within walking distance (if you don’t mind walking several blocks through downtown Oakland..) Ok, he often gives me a ride to the station unless the girlfriend can pick me up.

What I do is drop my car off, give him a few days to work on it, then come pick it up later when it’s done 🙂

Sracer Glass Fibre Body Kit!The parts are guaranteed to a reasonable merit, but remember you’re working with classic cars, so if you go have something fixed then abuse your car and break it again, it’s not his fault. Check with any classic car parts vendor or custom repair shop and see what kind of warranties you could get (if any!) it’s just the nature of working with vehicles that are 40 years old!

Anyway, he is a masterful wizard with the Mini. I feel it is a great honor that we have him around, and as a sponsor for Miniology. His excellence is what separates the winning Mini cars at the track from the posers and towed-off cars that don’t make the grade.

John Koo can be reached by emailing, or calling (510) 301-2930. He accepts orders by FAX as well can take payment via PayPal, check, or good ol’ hard cash. If you want to peruse some of the parts and cars he’s worked on in the past (with comments from their owners), his website is