Club spotlight: Maverick MINIs

Mav Minis

Note: This is presented as an interview format, though really, it wasn’t 😉

Q: Who is Maverick MINIs?

A: Maverick MINIs is a small band of MINI and Mini owners who get together and Motor for the sheer enjoyment of driving our beloved cars.

Q: What are your runs like?

A: Our Runs are typically informal and always open to everyone. We organize events as we go (who needs to plan a year in advance?) and input from everyone is welcome (majority rules!)

Q: They seem a bit spontaneous, so how would you recommend people find out about them?

A: The best way is to keep an eye on our forums for the latest info on upcoming activities!

Q: Like REME has a reputation of being the ‘driving’ club, Maverick MINIs seems to have the reputation of being a bit rogue and wilder than the other area clubs. Members have to ‘earn their wings’ of sorts, in getting the club mascot, Mav, for themselves. What sort of rules to you follow?

A: The only rule we have is “There are no rules!” However, there are some …uhum… *etiquette* quidelines to keep in mind on a Maverick Run:
1. If you’re slow, stay to the back of the pack
2. If you fall behind, don’t panic – we’ll stop and wait for you… eventually
3. If you need to stop, give a shout out on your radio so we know to stop and wait for you… eventually
4. Mind the Gap!
5. Have fun!

Q: That sounds fair enough. We’ve been on a few of your runs, they seem to be focused for, uh, the more “spirited” driving styles.

A: Oh, you were that guy driving the opposite direction on Nikki’s easter run, huh?

Q: Uhm, never mind about that.. but now that you mention it, can you talk about some of the clubs founding members?

A: Nikki and “Dylan”, her ’05 Liquid Yellow MCS, are always up for a day of spirited Motoring! Jim, who is also a completely awesome, award-winning photographer, is always up for a Run in his beloved ’04 Electric Blue MCS, “Chibi S” and Rick & Heather zoom around in their favorite futuristic robot “BENDER,” an ’04 Pure Silver MCS. If you look closely, “BENDER” has a great quote on his boot, it says “Bite My Shiny Metal…

Q: Ah, I remember seeing that, I totally cracked up. Ok, one last question, how would you define the word, “Maverick” exactly?

A: mav·er·ick, 1.) adj. : Being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence: maverick politicians; a maverick decision, 2.) n. : someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action. “Mav” is our logo/mascot. Join us, earn your Mav, and display him with pride!

Maverick MINIs members exist in Northern California’s East Bay (e.g., Oakland to Fremont) and South Bay (e.g., San Jose to Santa Cruz) though cross-pollination exists between this and other area groups. As long as you can follow the guidelines, both new MINI and classic Minis are welcome. Their website is available here Maverick MINIs