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Sometimes comments get deferred because they look like spam or for whatever other reason. I wanted to reply to some of these that got stuck in queue…

Commenting on the MINI Clubman, Robert Cepale throws a few one-liners at us:

>Disappointing for 2008 interior!
>Dashboard looks cheap and confusing.

Ok, those are a bit too vague for me to comment on. But in a nutshell, he doesn’t like it. If we knew what was so disappointing and what exactly looks cheap and confusing, I’d be more helpful. I’d say the other 99% of comments about the MINI Clubman (by those who have seen it in person or driven it) are positive. So maybe, Robert just didn’t give it a good long look. I find the controls more intuitive than earlier version MINIs, and the construction quality is on par with any other BMW, if not better.

>Sunroof with no sun blinder makes no sense.

True, that wouldn’t make sense. Good thing it has one. What exactly was your point there?

Now we move on to video problems. Someone from the Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts claims the new iPhone-friendly YouTube videos only work on Mac, well, sorry that’s just not true. I test these out on Windows XP from a few computers, as well Mac OSX 10.5 with my MacBook Pro. Could simply be that your version of QuickTime or Macromedia/Adobe Flash player needs a free update?

We’ve been getting a lot of comments in non-English languages lately, partly because are stuff is viewed by a growing audience across the pond, and.. well yeah that’s most of it. Anyway, if you post a comment, please make sure it’s relevant to the post, if not Minis or variants thereof, or else it will probably be flagged as spam and deleted. I won’t mention any names, but most of the Cyrillic language posts we’ve been getting have nothing to do with Minis or even 2-seater automobiles of any kind. As lovely as your hosting plans, unclaimed bank accounts, webcams, medications, replica watches or other various content items may be, we really don’t have time to peruse many more websites than we do already. It’s hard enough keeping up with all the MINI / Mini events in our own calendars ūüôā

Sponsors/vendors offering parts, know that if you send us stuff and it fits one of our cars, we will gladly install it and make a video review podcast with our honest experience and impressions. If the product doesn’t fit one of our cars, we will gladly return it or raffle it off for charity (which of course will also be featured in a audio or video podcast). If you are testing out stuff and want to loan us something for a bit and then have it returned later, that is cool too, but be sure and let us know beforehand so we can make the necessary preparations to re-install our OEM stuff later. Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who takes time to comment on the blog entries, shows, etc., if not for your input and enthusiasm, Miniology would be just another silly blog and podcast lost in cyberspace.

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  1. Perhaps someone would like this in French:
    Nous avons beaucoup de commentaires dans des langues non-Anglaises en retard, en partie parce que sont la substance est regard√ɬ©e par une assistance grandissante √ɬ† travers l’√ɬ©tang, et. bon ouais qui est sa majeure partie. Quoi qu’il en soit, si vous signalez un commentaire, veuillez s’assurer qu’il est appropri√ɬ© au poteau, si pas Minis ou variantes en, ou bien lui seront probablement marqu√ɬ©s comme Spam et supprim√ɬ©s. Je ne mentionnerai aucun nom, mais la plupart des poteaux cyrilliens de langue que nous avions obtenus n’ayez rien √ɬ† faire avec Minis ou m√ɬ™me automobiles 2-seater de sorte. Aussi beau que vos plans d’accueil, comptes bancaires non-r√ɬ©clam√ɬ©s, webcams, m√ɬ©dicaments, montres de reproduction ou d’autres divers articles contents pouvons √ɬ™tre, nous vraiment n’avons pas le temps pour lire attentivement beaucoup plus de sites Web que nous d√ɬ©j√ɬ†. Il assez dur suit tous les MINI/mini √ɬ©v√ɬ©nements dans nos propres calendriers

    or Spanish:

    Hemos estado consiguiendo muchos de comentarios en idiomas no-Inglesas √ɬļltimamente, en parte porque es la materia es vista por una audiencia creciente a trav√ɬ©s de la charca, y. bien s√ɬ≠ que es la mayor parte. De todas formas, si usted fija un comentario, cerci√ɬ≥rese de por favor que sea relevante al poste, si no Minis o las variantes de eso, o bien √ɬ©l ser√ɬ°n se√ɬĪalados por medio de una bandera como Spam y suprimidos probablemente. No mencionar√ɬ© ninguna nombres, pero m√ɬ°s de los postes cir√ɬ≠licos de la lengua que hemos estado consiguiendo no tenga nada hacer con Minis o a√ɬļn los autom√ɬ≥viles 2-seater de la clase. Tan encantador como sus planes de recibimiento, unclaimed las cuentas bancarias, webcams, medicaciones, relojes de la reproducci√ɬ≥n u otros varios art√ɬ≠culos contentos pueden ser, nosotros realmente no tienen tiempo para leer muchos m√ɬ°s Web site cuidadosamente que lo hacemos ya. Dif√ɬ≠cilmente bastante est√ɬ° continuando con todos los MINI/mini acontecimientos en nuestros propios calendarios

    Starlord let me know & I can send you the translator.

  2. Actually your links to Youtube did not work on some vidoes, but worked directly on the Youtube site. Many complained on the REME site not being to access the videos from links posted on Miniology. A big thanks to Rob Saunders for correcting that problem.

  3. Comments I made were not about the clubman.
    It’s about the original 2008 Mini.
    We have had the car 1 month and are still learning about the buttons,etc
    Regarding my sunroof comment it does appear to
    be able to block the sun on a very hot day. We will see if it’s a problem.

  4. Sunroof. It does NOT appear to be able to block the sun rays on a very hot day. We will see if it’s a problem. Original Mini hatchback 2008

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