CooperGirl Bikes For Cancer Research!

Original post from CooperGirl (Elena) at Redwood Empire Mini’s, August 17th, 2007:

Recently I came up with this idea of “Coopers for Cancer Research” when I came upon the LiveSTRONG Challenge in Portland, OR. You see, I’m moving to Portland for a while to start Chiropractic school. The LiveSTRONG Challenge is a Walk/Run/Bike event to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation to go towards cancer research. My plan is to ride in the 40 mile bike event. Leading up to the event, participants do fundraising using a web page given to them by the LAF web site. The event is September 29th and 30th.

When thinking about how to raise money, I realized I just joined a MINI motoring club with over 250 members. And after being on my first run and meeting members, that I found to be such great people, I feel like there would be members interested in being involved in this event. The full idea of Coopers for Cancer Research is that I will ride representing the money that we, as a club, raise. The way that members can donate to our total is by going to my web page:

..and submitting their desired amount. Currently, I have set a goal of $2,500 which I think we can definitely do, even with there being 6 weeks until the event.

Coopers for Cancer ResearchI believe this is annually held in Portland and depending on how it goes this year with our club, I would like to do this again the next year. And I would also like to expand to other MINI clubs like our friends in Sierra Nevada MINIs or PDX, and others. Just think of how this can grow on our success this year with multiple clubs and even more MINI enthusiasts joining in. Hence the name, Coopers for Cancer Research.

So please join me and let’s show our support for cancer research.

Thank you, Elena.

[ Note from Califzeph: Elena is a lovely girl, you can see her in the video posted here on Miniology that is about the event “A Mini Weekend In The Motherlode.” She is also in the latest edition of MC2 Magazine in the article about the MiniMania Open House. ]

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  1. I just wanted to add that anyone can donate, I realise that the write up above might make it sound like only members can donate. A donation from anyone is appreciated.

  2. Elena is a new REME member and relatively new to the MINI community. I hope that more people will get involved in supporting her endeavor to raise funds for cancer research. Lets try to get to her goal of $2500.00! We have a very long way to go.

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