Miniology is a non-profit organization. We didn’t plan it that way, it’s just the way things worked out: With all the generic, commercially-driven auto shows out there, we thought it was time to have one created by owners, for the enthusiasts — that’s how we roll 😉

Miniology donations are NOT tax deductible (but they should be!)

If you’re a sponsor making a payment, or just an average Joe with Mini love offerings, just go to your PayPal account and donate via email address: or use this handy-dandy link here:

Thanks for that!

We also welcome goodies from you in support of the classic Mini and “new” MINI community; Stuff for us to hand out at club events, raffle away, schwag to wear, gear to use, parts to test, cars to drive, and cash to help cover our operational costs!

We’re always looking to acquire better equipment so that we can produce an even more awesome show. Wanna share joy with fellow motorers? Give props to the folks who make it possible?  If you have items, even pics or vids to give, start by hitting our contact page.

All the best from Rob, Norm, Chris, Kat, Jerry, and Miniologists everywhere!