Driven magazine takes the MINI Coupe for a spin around Manhattan

Yep, Driven (part of uber cool Urban Daddy, our friends in the know since tie immemorial) got their hands on a MINI Coupe, and with cameras in hand took to the posh part of New York City for a day’s outing. Set to a catchy technopop music score, follow a man, the car, his self-pampering and sight-seeing adventures (the back stories with the women seen getting picked up and dropped off will stay a mystery, sorry..) and we are glad they are sharing the video with Vimeo (who we also use when we get sick of YouTube’s ever changing policies and site designs)

Well, take a look:

Driven & Mini Coupe from UrbanDaddy on Vimeo.

Urban Daddy describes the experience as thus, “We’ve been watching MINI pretty closely since we launched DRIVEN. Something about the marque—maybe the combo of a rich heritage, a modern design and a scrappy bravado—suits us. So when we got the opportunity to take a look at their new Coupe before it hit the streets, we politely and quickly agreed. And we brought a camera along… We picked up the brand-new lightning blue Cooper S two-seater and put it through the paces of a typically daunting day in the life of DRIVEN in New York City: a stop at the tailor, some breakfast, a shave on the LES and plenty of time to just zip around town. Zip is the right word. This car—loaded with a Gertag six-speed transmission, a MacPherson suspension and a 181-horsepower turbocharged engine—sort of feels like a souped-up go-kart, and New York is the perfect track. Just know that when you hit 50 mph, the rear spoiler automatically raises and dares you to go faster. So we did…”

[Source: Urban Daddy/Driven, Jan 11 2012]

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