Dublin artist Graham Knuttel and his hand-painted MINI

Graham Knuttel and his hand-painted MINI

[reprinted article, courtesy of MINI press site]

Graham Knuttel chosen to ignite the spirit of MINI.
09/11/2007 – Munich/Dublin.

A MINI hand painted by internationally renowned Dublin artist, Graham Knuttel has been unveiled on September 4th 2007. MINI Ireland commissioned Knuttel as his work encapsulates the true spirit of MINI as a hip urban style car with an abundance of spirit and an amazingly powerful drive.

Graham Knuttel comments on the inspiration for his design, “When I set out to paint this car it brought back many memories of when I was young and owned four Minis in succession. I was in my early twenties and starting out on life’s adventure. The fish symbolize that journey. I have used them to explore the car, swimming from behind the panels and across surfaces. The sailors I hope, give a link between the fantasy of the images and the reality of the car. I used the images of birds around the roof to reflect the sense of space supplied by the glass roof of the car. In essence I hope that my work will suggest a sense of adventure and a regard and sympathy with the environment.”

The latest model of MINI was launched last November and the first new MINI to enter Ireland was rushed off the transport truck to a BMW Group dealership to be stripped down to the bare body of the car for Graham to start the design.
MINI Manager, Nicola Bissett from MINI Ireland, comments, “The style of Graham Knuttel’s painting, represents all the MINI values, in this work of art he has perfectly demonstrated the spirit and essence of MINI, which is key to the brand’s popularity and success.”

The Graham Knuttel MINI will visit MINI dealerships throughout the country over the coming weeks and months, before being auctioned for charity.

Globally MINI has a close relationship with a number of creative enterprises in the areas of film, art, fashion, music, media and the design world. The iconic cars have provided a platform for creativity and have been used as canvases e.g. for Mario Testino, Missoni, Diesel, Donatella Versace and Puma. Now MINI Ireland has a contribution to this legacy.

For more information on Graham Knuttel and his work please visit www.knuttel.com

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