Fit A Mini Into Your Motorhome

The Mini is known for its pint-sized proportions – but for one mechanic it was still too big… because he wanted it to fit INSIDE his motor home.

As a result Lester Atherfold spent three months shortening his cherry red version of the 1964 Mini 850 from 10ft long to just 7ft 10ins.

That means the car – which still manages to reach speeds of 75mph – can now be transported in his AEC Reliance coach as he tours the world.

Speaking of his mini Mini, Atherfold said: “People often laugh at the car, especially young girls for some reason.”
The retired mechanic added: “The Mini was the only car in the world that would fit in the motor home, all the others were too big and tall.

“The car gives us our freedom from the motor home when we are away on holiday. It allows us to see and do things which we would otherwise not be able to do if we just had the motor home.

“No other car in the world would fit under your bed, and it can sneak into the smallest of car parking spaces.”

Atherfold shortened the original Mini by cutting out two feet from the middle and shrinking it’s width to a narrow four feet eight inches in order to take the beloved car touring across the country.

The unique customisation only cost £95 with Mr Atherfold fitting a new motor, transmission, sub-frame, clutch and dashboard from a Mini Clubman.

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