Guinness, my 1964 Austin Mini is SOLD?!

[earlier post updated 7/22/07]

Not the beer, the car.. right, THAT amazing car! It was on the market for a limited time, and although not an original car, it’s a re-shell, and WOO HOO nice! 🙂 A total of the receipts since the day I bought it came to almost $15,000, but I let it go for an undisclosed amount a bit less than that 😉

So to Rob C., aka “Fayt” (or is that Fayt’s M8?) , I say ENJOY! Hope that she gives you as much joy as she did for me, and I can’t wait to see what you and the fine folks (e.g., Mike at Seven Enterprises) will do next 😀

So, what next, you may ask.. Well, I am going to use the cash from the sale of “Guinness” to pay off “Mindi”, then get a new car (or two..) What’s in the future for StarLord? A classic Mini? A MINI Cabrio or smart ForTwo? Very likely. We’ll see what happens.

About Mindi — those who have been following my podcasts know, “Mindi” is my 2003 MINI Cooper S with just over 50k miles and a special 100k/7-year warranty on it. That’s like, half way broken in! Gosh! a few years to do 50k miles, you think you can help me do it? 😉

3 Replies to “Guinness, my 1964 Austin Mini is SOLD?!”

  1. First, Rob C loves Guinness so Guinness has found another good home..
    Second, did you know that our own REME Mindy’s MINI is Mork????
    Just some FYI for you

    [editor’s note: So cool, I love trivia like that, reminds me how small the world is and how everything is connected and stuff.. 🙂 ]

  2. Woohoo! Been nothing but fun since getting Bam Bam (aka Guinness). Dropped in some new seats and got a touch of work done on the wiring and front ball joints but we came through the surgery fine. Had to get ready for the extended REME Weekend up at Yosemite. Thanks Christopher! We’ll keep in touch and try to get down your way for some runs/visits.

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