Hammer and Coop-erize your MINI?

I was in MINI of San Francisco today, checking out the BMW Motorad stuff on the 2nd floor, and there parked in the dealership was ‘COOP’, an AstroBlack metallic 2007 Cooper S, with the $1,600 “Hammer and Coop package”. Lot of nice little accents, and a few bigger ones. I don’t know if it talks, but the white lightning stripes and side wrap must add at least another 100 horsepower 😉

This COOP had cloth seats, I would have went with old english leather, but maybe Hammer doesn’t like leather, got me?

If you have a MINI and just want to get the lightning bolts, they come in white or black, running about $100 for the set of 6 vinyl stickers (2 for each side, and 2 bonnet stripes, there are no rear boot bolts (er, stripes) per se. Try saying that 10 times fast.

Right, so you probably have this all black or white MINI and it’s craving for some, I dunno, contrast? The black set is part # 51-14-0-429-593, and the white set is 51-14-0-429-594. Better run down to MINI of San Francisco soon, their supply may be limited now that people know these are available!

More on Hammer and Coop
If you aren’t quite up to speed on Hammer and Coop, you can see it all here.
Times they are a changin..
Some other subtle changes of the 2007 “S” model, the toggle switches, there are less of them. They moved the DSC off button near the e-brake, and to the left is the “sport mode” toggle, which stiffens or loosens the steering, as well maps the ECU a bit for more aggressive shifting (manual or automatic). To the left, in the door panel, you will find the mirror adjustment. I don’t know why they moved it there, but gone is the little console thingy with the run-flat tire button and mirror adjustment knob. Where did they put the flat tire button, I don’t know? For models with the dual sunroof, they cleverly moved the dome light and controls forward, so that the sunroof doesn’t have that divisional space like the earlier models do (more or less). To the rear of the car, the boot handles are formed differently, and the whole boot got some reworking, they may have even given you more space back there. The emergency boot release latch is now in the boot itself, not stuck under the rear seat as in earlier models. I didn’t see a 12v accessory plug back there, but, maybe it’s hidden somewhere.

MINI of San Francisco will get one of the Sidewalk edition Cabrios next week or so, be sure to check them out for that (might have to feature it in an upcoming video podcast, huh?)

Motor on!

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