Henley returns

Ah the continuing saga of our classic Mini, Henley (so named because I thought it was Henley Blue, but actually, it’s Clipper Blue!) … where was I … ah yes, last time we left off with the smokey engine giving up it’s last coughs of oil — well we’re happy to report it’s back on the roads again!

John Koo at Sracer Product came forward and imported a new 998 for us. It’s bored 0.20 or 0.30 over, new clutch, all sorts of new bits for our car! The crusty old trumpets and rubber cones were taken out and replaced with shiny new Hi-Lo’s, blue springs front and back, Spax shocks in the rear, Gaz up front, new Sracer anti-roll ‘sway bar’ up front, an Aldon distributor, etc!

The car is running great now. Thanks John for all your hard work! While we were there, he also sorted out the fuel gauge (which wasn’t working) and wired us in a new sender as well (our was getting a bit corroded). Cheers!