Hooked on MINIs : Father’s Day…and Trixie’s Testimonial

From Hooked On Driving (facilitator of the Hooked on MINIs track day events)

Good Day Drivers!! 
As 2009 accelerates toward the back straight, we’d like to thank all of you who have driven, coached, or otherwise contributed to our strong season so far – well done!!
This morning we have two simple messages for you…..

First: Father’s Day is around the corner (June 21), and what could be a more guaranteed home run gift than an HOD Gift Certificate!! They’re available in a variety of denominations in the Store portion of our website. Families – we promise that Dad will LOVE this gift!! Dads, now is the time to put out the strong hint of what you really want!! Anything but another tie or weed whacker!! 

Second – A very special letter came to us last week from Trixie, a current HOD driver who wanted to share her story. We did remove her real name, but believe us, this is a real letter from a real new HOD driver – and it’s not a unique experience. Please take a moment to read the letter and think about who out there might want to share Trixie’s story AND experience….enjoy! 

It was this time last year when my husband excitedly handed me my birthday card.  As I read the 

card, I have to be completely honest and tell you that my first thought was, “Really?  Who is this 

gift really for?”  You see, for my birthday present my husband gave me a day on the track at 

Thunderhill.  He could hardly contain his enthusiasm and my lack of enthusiasm took all the 

energy out of him.  I could visibly see his disappointment that I didn’t share in his excitement for 

my, according to him, ridiculously fabulous gift! 


So, after a couple of days of thinking this gift wasn’t exactly what I would have picked I decided 

to embrace the attitude that at least I could spend an entire day with my husband away from our 

two small children.  As a Mom, that’s a birthday present I can appreciate! 


Our day on the track fell right in middle of the intense heat wave we had in July of 2008 when 

temperatures reached 115 degrees.  That wasn’t the worst part.  It also was during that crazy time 

when half of California was burning up in wildfires.  So, not only was the temperature 100+ 

degrees by noon but I couldn’t see much through the haze of the smoke smothering the central 

valley.  But I was determined to keep up my “good attitude” and not let my husband down. 


I sat through the introductory instruction and I noticed there was a little stirring of excitement from 

deep within.  But I wrote it off.  Of course I was nervous.  I would be driving my husband’s Lotus 

Elise around the track and up to that day I had driven it maybe four times in my entire life! 


During my first session I went so slowly everyone passed me, probably twice but I lost count.  I 

didn’t quite get it.  But that was fine by me.  I considered it a great success to make it through the 

twenty minute session without any damage to myself or the car.  Then I went out for my next 

session.  I had a coach the second time that really took the time to help me improve in baby steps.  

First he had me focus on driving smoothly around the track.  Then he had me work on picking up 

the pace and improve my braking, always focusing on the line and keeping it smooth.  Hmmm, 

things were starting to click. 


Then it came time for a ride in a coach’s car to demonstrate how it’s done.  I tell you this set me 

straight.  My life changed with that five minute demo ride.  I transformed from a reluctant wife of 

a fanatic track husband to a proud-to-be-just-as-fanatic track wife.  I was hooked! 


I continued to improve throughout the day and by my fifth session I even passed others on the 

track!  If Hooked On Driving handed out awards at the end of the day I’d like to think I would 

have received “Most Improved.”  And the rest, as they say, is history.  I love the Hooked On 

Driving Team.  By the end of every track day my cheeks hurt from smiling all day.  For me 

nothing matches the thrill of moving around a track with grace and speed and sharing the 

experience with my husband makes it that much sweeter. 


I want to encourage reluctant wives like I was to consider spending one day on the track with your 

husband to see if the same will happen for you.  You might even find yourself dreaming about 

driving the line.  I know I do and oh am I sad when I wake up from that dream. 


Lastly, I want to say a huge “Thank You!” to the entire Hooked On Driving Team for making it 

such a joy to spend time on the track with my husband. 


With Best Regards, 

My husband calls me, Trixie! 

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We’ll see YOU at the Track!!
David, Joe, Henry, Rob and the HOD Team
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