MMMT – It Starts..

The Magical Mystery Mini Tour begins this evening as hundreds of Minis descend upon Treasure Island, meeting up with host club Redwood Empire Mini Enthusiasts, or REME for short, will be clubs and Mini / MINI fans from around the globe! We drove by the site this morning as the caterers were busy setting up the tents, seating, and display stuff for everyone. The stage is ready to rock and the weather is completely awesome this weekend. We are going to have some rare balmy nights, Norman Nelson (the event organizer who dreamed up this whole thing, probably inspired by his wife Jesse’s go-go boots and loud laugh-in style patterned dress) uh, where was I? Oh yeah! He couldn’t have picked a better time, and mother nature is being kind to us, there was just the slightest cool breeze blowing over the great lawn. Can’t wait to dig in and meet our fellow Miniologists tonight! Woot!

And if you’re one of the few people who’s been living in a cave the past year or so, head on over to the official website to register and get a calendar of the days events .. I know, it’s kinda goofy formatting and you have to scroll like mad because there is so much going on, but hey these are Mini motorists, not web gurus! just print the whole thing out and read it at your leisure 😉