It’s Official! Mini’s Break Record At London To Brighton Run!

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Ace Miniology reporter Norm Nelson was there to take part in this, and now has the official certificate from Guinness to prove it. 1,450 Mini’s all in a row for the longest length of a Mini run in the world!

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  1. Thanks Rob,

    As we arrived at the Crystal Palace Park outside of London, we found nearly 2000 Minis parked outside the gates. Not knowing what that was all about, we entered with our tickets and passes. When we entered, we found nearly 3000 Minis parked in a BIG grassy parking lot. All lined up ready to “rumble”. The organizors and the Guinness folks gave us a run down on the rules, which included that facts that we needed to be a certain distance apart, travel and a certain speed, and they would have cameras watching along the way. The only Minis that would be counted had to be travelling at a certain speed and needed to be 2-3 car lenghts apart. They wanted to be sure that we were not just a big parking lot full of Minis. As it turns out, 1450 of the 3000 Minis did meet the Guinness rules and that is how we got the record. Now when we all left the Crystal Palace for Brighton, it was a “mad dash” and we were all on our own to make it to the beach. We travelled nearly 50 miles through backroads, and small towns, at a high rate of speed, dashing about finding our way, I just followed ANY Mini with a flag to find my way along. When we drove down the hillside into Brighton, it was a remarkable sight I will always remember….seeing nearly 5000 Minis parking along the beach, all together 🙂

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