John Koo ( returns to USA.. but for how long?

John Koo. SRacer Product.

These words are synonymous with phrases such as “world-famous” “race mechanic”, “fabricator”, “metal worker”, “custom builder” “dragster welder” “hertiage restoration” and “all-around master Miniologist”

For decades, John has been bringing his technical wizardry to the aftermarket Mini scene, his products seen in the catalogs of Mini Mania, Seven Enterprises, as well companies across the UK and Asia. His work has graced the pages of many calendars, magazines, newsprint and of course several episodes of our earlier StarLord’s Mini Podcast as well Miniology!

Now, for a limited engagement, John has returned to the San Francisco Bay Area and offers devoted Mini nuts some shop time — schedule permitting — to do work on YOUR Mini!

John will return to China in November, so that gives us about a month to get our requests in, and for the lucky ones, your car will be worked on by one of the legends of Mini sport, installing performance upgrades, cosmetic repairs, or just a tune-up by one of the best of the best Mini tuners in the world.

To contact John, hit his website,
or phone him directly at +1 (510) 301-2930.