Just some housekeeping…

We really appreciate all of our viewers/readers/listeners. Our audience keeps growing every day!

Many of our podcast viewers come directly to this site to see the video. Another way to see our video, which is even easier, is to subscribe to our Miniology podcasts through the iTunes Store. It’s really easy, and ensures that you wont miss an episode.

[ Note from StarLord: Well, at least you won’t miss any of the enhanced audio “Events Calendar” podcasts, which is what gets posted on iTunes. Most of the other shows we post here on Miniology.com, and subsequently upload to YouTube or GoogleVideo. But, as soon as Rob can help me move the RSS feed to the main site, we’re going to fill-up the listing with all of our earlier episodes! Yay! ]

Just open up the iTunes application (which you can download for free from apple.com, Mac and Windows versions), and go to the iTunes Store. If you haven’t already, set up an iTunes account (it’s free too!). Then just search for “miniology” in the search bar, and find our podcast. Just click the “subscribe” button.

Then, when new podcasts are uploaded, you will receive them automatically! (This is free too!).

On another topic, last weekend I got a sneak preview of Lita and Rob’s report on the REME Yosemite Valley Run. It’s looks great so far, and will be complete and uploaded soon for your viewing enjoyment.

Shout Outs to our fine Miniology sponsors! Be sure to click on the links to them, so they know you appreciate their support.

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  1. Great, Califzeph, now we just need to figure out how to move the RSS feed and content over here so dot mac won’t charge us for all that extra bandwidth.. tee hee 😉 I nominate… you! 🙂

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