Kat Goes Off Track! A MiniPenny Exclusive!

(This is way overdue…maybe because I didn’t want to think about it for awhile, but it has been sitting in my “drafts”, reminding me to revisit it.)
I never thought this would happen to me! Last year, I went off track at Thunderhill. It was a hot day and the weekend right after they had repaved the track. I ran a nice session and was flying all morning. Then it was time for demo rides before lunch time.
My first demo ride was great–good speed and lots of fun. Talking through the turns was easy. My next demo ride was when it happened.
Coming out of Turn 6, I started adjusting my wheel towards the left and TA-DA, we’re flying! We shoot across the track and hit the dirt and spin out. I didn’t straighten my wheels in time so we kinda “plowed” our way into the dirt. Kinda scary but really good that we didn’t hit anything. Luckily, my passenger victim, Leeta, was a real good sport and we still laugh about it today. We both tap the roof of the car to show that we are okay.
After the dust settles, I see the pit across the way. Whoo hoo! I slowly creep over there and make a run for it at 10 mph. Something sounds funny and the wheel is really shaky. We get to the pavement and get out to take a look.
My right front tire is dislodged from the wheel. Argh. But it’s not torn! So, I take it over to the shop guys to see what they can do. They tell me they don’t have the right equipment to remove the tire without damaging my new rims, so they say they’ll just keep it on the rim and fill it up with air. They recommend a tire shop in town.
So, now I have rock-filled wheels/rims and I drive over to town to find the tire shop. It’s not hard to find, but it isn’t open! Doh!
I drive back, put Minipenny on a lift in one of the garages, have her checked for major damage/leaks. None visible! Well then, it was time to go back out to track. I talked to the HOD guys who were way cool and they said it happens at least once to everyone and I could jump in the next session.
Of course, I was a little intimidated and wasn’t sure about my car as I pulled out to the track. I ran with the Intermediate group, not Advanced, to makre sure I wouldn’t try to push it too far. I also wanted to build some confidence and ensure that I wouldn’t be scared in the future, so I pushed myself to do this now. Ending the day on a good note is important.
Running a little crooked with my steering wheel skewed, I pulled out and warm up in the first lap. It felt okay so I applied more speed on the second lap, making sure I aced Turn 6. It felt good and it was nice and warm in the afternoon. That did it. We were on our way to feeling good again and drove home happy. (Well until we went to the shop. $$$)