LilCooper’s Adventure Continues…

Christina Kroner writes:

“Let’s sum up the last 48 hours in a few words: Sleeping in. Comfortable. Convoy. Waving. Bridge. Smooch (aka fender bender). Gravel mouth. Tears. Hugs. State Trooper. Citation. Ambulance. Tow truck. MINI USA. Dealership. Insurance. Lawyer. Court house. Car sick. Ambulance. Hospital. Valium. Hospital bill. Rescued by Will. Steak and Shake at 3am. Sleeping in. Phone calls. Credit card fraud (used in Asia..). Insurance. Police. Lawyer. Copilot. Route 66. Flat tire. Warm cookie pie. Pandora roadside dance party. Chicago’s bad side. Chicago’s good side. Steve Aioki. Skrillex. Giordano’s deep dish pizza. MINIacs. Best hotel ever. L’occitane en Provence. Sleeping in. Left over pizza and Starbucks in bed. Phone calls. Insurance. Credit card. Lawyer. Lost passport. Bank of Mom. Chicago. Now hopefully new tires. *sigh* and I keep going!! Endlessly grateful for Will and his poppa saving the day again and again.”