Live from AMVIV 4 (A MINI Vacation In Vegas) – Daily Update – Sat

Saturday, Sunday

Chris and Rob chat about the Saturday itinerary at AMVIV as well Rob brings us closing coverage from The Palace Station hotel at AMVIV4 in Las Vegas.

Saturday, Rob worked at the REME both, turned his uncle on to MINIs, then took the more adventurous route off the Valley of Fire run. Later that evening, he went for the high priced banquet and tried in vain to win something at the raffle — some folks we knew did win some cool goodies — we then finally realize Rob never got his MINIOLOGY cards in time (thanks, US Postal Service..argh) and continues to talk about the new friends we’ve made over the long weekend. Our own Norm Nelson (REME) won a prize for the 2004 model. Rob chats with the WRR guys and Mark Ferguson from NAM forums. Alice motors down the strip while Rob sits back, havin’ drinks, smoking cigars, and what-not.. we might still be a bit tipsy from the festivities because we get kinda silly midway through the call.. More news from UK and Rich coming soon, well shoot, here listen in for yourself:


Really looking forward to Rob’s video and photo albums coming!

As with all podcasts, if you went to AMVIV this year and would like to share your videos, photos, etc. for inclusion in our upcoming vodcasts, please send us a message. Cheers!