Magical Mini Mystery Tour – Friday Night

The crowds gathered for sign-in festivities last night en masse, coming from places as far as Japan and the UK. (It would appear our rumoured Italian friends wimped out at the last minute and decided they couldn’t make it.. Ciao bella, maybe next year!)

Burgers and hot dogs were served by SF Deli catering, and plenty of all sorts of alcohol was on tap for our non-driving folks to indulge in. We met up with Barry Brazier from MC2 Magazine, Russell from Mini Fini, Don Racine of Mini Mania (where I purchased a cool Morris key fob and talked tech about Henley’s high oil pressure) and other friends new and old from various clubs and events that we’ve been to the past years. It was cool. We have some great pics of people dressing up like, well, hippies 🙂 The band played to a thinning crowd as people drove off to watch the Giants baseball game, and we met up with fellow Miniologists Rob C. and Leeta, Kat ‘Minipenny’, Rob S. ‘Califzeph’, Norm ‘Pooper’, Peter ‘Zied’, and some of the MOASF gang Thorty, BluMeanie, Hans, Vic and Corey, Jerry and Jerry, Willum, Keith, and other friends too numerous to mention!

Minipenny took the opportunity to joy ride StarLord’s classic Mini, laughing the whole way and swearing she’s going to buy the first Mini she sees in spite of my door handle falling off, door latch cable breaking, headlight going out, weather stripping and trim coming loose, bent front wheel, and all the other fun associated with owning the more original British Minis. What till you guys see the video of this!