Mark Your iCal! Bulldogs, Bentleys & Bangers

Club Auto Sport, is pleased to announce that we will host a vintage British car and motorcycle show on Saturday May 8th. Inside our 120,000 square foot showplace that same day we’ll have a trade show featuring British based companies and local companies owned by Brits showcasing their products and services.

Individual participation by you and your members in the car show and open house is free and the show outside will run from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Groups desirous of securing a table top inside to promote their organization will be charged a nominal fee of $150. For $250/car club, subject to advance reservation and availability, it will be possible to reserve car corral space for your group as well.

As a special note be advised that the show that day is in conjunction with the Brit Week Celebration and that Julian Evans, British Consul General will be in attendance shaking hands and greeting participants and event attendees alike.

We believe we will have lined up extensive media coverage from our local print and tv contacts as well as from vintage racing publications so we hope that you can publicize this show and let your members know that we would appreciate their support and participation.

Please call or email me direct if you have any questions or would like to reserve space for your group on Saturday May 8th.

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