MC2 aquires GoMotoring

Uber Miniologist and MC2 MINI magazine publisher Barry Brazier has acquired

If you’ve been keeping up with MC2, you already know that Barry has been working hard to enhance the owner/subscriber experience.

One way of doing this is by expanding upon the MC2 websites. While the site gets just as much traffic as Miniology, it didn’t really have much going for it except for a few random articles, some pictures, a copy of Norm’s upcoming events calendar, and a place for subscribers to exchange weblinks or update their info.

Well, while GoMotoring may have been a bit under-utilized, Barry believes it is an evolving website whose time is come of age.

Miniology will be right along with MC2, posting podcast episodes and webcasts from events like AMVIV, MTTS, and MMMT to show everyone.

With the help of MC2 magazine and other assets coming, a far-greater global audience potential will be reached.

If you have any ideas for GoMotoring as to content, style, etc., feel free to send them to Barry over the next few weeks (we certainly will!)

MC2 Magazine can be reached on the web at

You’ll find links to GoMotoring on our side banners, but yes its