MINI’s roaming success for Team GB and ParalympicsGB hopefuls

MINI, official partner of Team GB and ParalympicsGB, is to tour the nation to create a collective roar of support so powerful it will inspire our UK athletes to victory at next year’s London 2012 Olympics.

In a mammoth bid to boost Team GB and ParalympicsGB hopefuls’ chances of medal success, MINI will be challenging the country to create a national roar to be delivered to UK athletes ahead of the Games in 2012.

The messages of encouragement will be compiled into one almighty digitally tuned roar, which will be loaded onto MP3 players, for Team GB and ParalympicsGB to listen to ahead of their sporting endeavour. The final MP3 playlist will also include individual messages of support, from the public, to give the athletes a boost during training and in the final run up to their London 2012 challenges.

The MINI Great British Roar will hit the road to record the messages of support using three new MINI London 2012 Edition models, which go on sale in 2012. One of these specially built cars will be transformed into a mobile video recording booth, to fully immerse the public in the roar experience.

Once inside the Roar unit, the public will be greeted by a motivational video from two times Olympic gold medallist Daley Thompson, the newest addition to the London 2012 Performance team. Daley’s Roar video will give people his hints and tips of being a roaring success at crowd support and being completely fan fit ahead of London 2012.

To make sure everyone has a chance to show their support for the athletes, MINI has also created a Facebook application ( which allows the public to get involved by triggering a phone call collecting individuals Roars and messages of support from home or on the move.

Once submitted, via Facebook or on the tour, all supporters will appear in a virtual stadium with a sound/video file of their message of support alongside their fellow Roarers.

Jochen Goller, Director of MINI UK comments: “We’re passionate about our partnership with Team GB and ParalympicsGB and want to make sure they get every support they need to do their absolute best. As Team GB’s biggest fan, MINI is here to make sure the team get off to the best possible start.”

The MINI Great British Roar will be visiting cities across the UK, including Bristol, Cardiff, Bournemouth, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Glasgow, beginning in London at Ely Court on the 23rd September 2011. Team GB and ParalympicsGB hopefuls will also be on hand at each event to kick start the process, encouraging the public to get behind their country’s athletes.

Ellie Simmonds, ParalympicsGB hopeful comments: “There’s no better feeling to propel you to do your best, than when the crowd is shouting and screaming support as you start your medal journey. Listening to the public roars of support, recorded by MINI, is a brilliant way to keep up morale and help us remember the nation is completely behind us.”

The first three, of 2,012 MINI London 2012 Edition models will take centre stage at each event, with one of them being transformed into a recording booth for collecting the nation’s Roars. The new MINI’s are London 2012 themed, inside and out, to ensure a completely patriotic experience when driving.

BMW MINI Great British Roar locations and dates are:

11th & 12th October – Fargate, Sheffield

14th & 15th October – Old Market Square, Nottingham

20th Octoebr – High Cross, Leicester

22nd & 23rd Oct – Williamson Square, Liverpool

26th & 27th Oct Trafford, Manchester

29th Oct & 30th Oct – Briggate, Leeds

10th Nov – Westfield, Derby

12th Nov – Buchanan Gallaries, Glasgow

13th Nov – Metro Centro, Gateshead

[ Source: BMW/MINI UK]