MINI at the 2011 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA)

[Source: BMW Group, Sept. 5 2011, Edited a bit for us]

Wow can you believe it’s been a year already? Yep, we like to post the latest tidbits from the big motor shows, and just got wind from Frankfurt about MINI’s presence in this years show. Ready to hear all the juicy details? Here we go..

First up, we gotta mention the MINI Coupe. It’s going to be quite a thing because people often shorten the word “Cooper” and say “Mini Coop” so we we’ll be scratching our heads if their ride isn’t near by, when people now say, “Hey, I’ve picked up a new MINI Coupe!” Though we can still say “well, congrats, that’s sweet!” and mean essentially the same thing.

The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show will host the world premiere of the MINI Coupe.

Sure, if you are French you can yell at me for not including the little accent over the letter “e” there, but for those that like adding them, it could be there.

The first two-seater in the current model range sees MINI deliver another injection of engaging variety into the small car segment – and, at the same time, introduce a particularly focused brand of driving fun. The sporting character of the MINI Coupe is reflected not only in its design, but also in the range of engines available to customers. The most powerful petrol and diesel engines in the MINI line-up join forces with a bespoke suspension set-up, harmonious weight distribution, a rigid body structure and optimised aerodynamics to deliver the customary MINI go-kart feeling at its most intense. A contrasting paint finish for the MINI Coupe’s roof (included as standard) emphasises its distinctive form, while the 280-litre luggage compartment behind the high-opening tailgate reveals impressive functionality.

We like that, they describe luggage capacity in litres. You can practically drink that up like a good British or German ale. Hmm, I wonder if we took the great Barvarian minds in BMW Munich and mixed them with the MINI team at plant oxford, and came up with a new beer, what it would taste like? Anyway, for those without a calculator handy, 280 liters (or litres, depending how you spell it, no funny accent over the e in either spelling) that comes to about 10 cubic feet. I say about because I don’t think many people are going to be measuring to the hundred-millionth decimal point, so let’s just say 9.89 cubic feet and be done with it. That’s less room than the 2008 smart ForTwo which holds 12 cubic feet. I could fit four spare tires and a suitcase in there and still have room for a speaker box, so hey, 10 cubic feet will be just fine for two people, and MINI already has a cool line-up of custom luggage (see our earlier post on that), but who cares about that when you got a 211 HP monster under the hood? You’ll want to dump all your stuff out at the hotel for track day anyway, hehe!

Next up, High in exclusivity: the MINI Yours range.

MINI is also using the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show to showcase vehicle customization at its most exclusive. The MINI Yours range offers exclusive options for the exterior and interior design which have been developed as the perfect complement to the unmistakable character of the MINI brand. MINI Yours offers customers everything from special exterior paint finishes
MINI and trim elements, upholstery variants and interior colours, to stylishly composed equipment packages and limited-run special-edition models. The inimitable MINI Yours style is modelled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show by a brace of exceptional vehicles: the MINI Clubman Hampton and the MINI INSPIRED BY GOODWOOD, which was created under the expert eye of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars design team. (We did a post about that earlier too, and if you happened to be at the Pebble Beach concourse earlier, then you got to take a peek at the Goodwood MINI, ah she was a beauty!

Need we say more about customization? Of course! The press has said recently, “customers looking for the antithesis of an off the peg car should make MINI their first port of call. The British brand goes further than any other carmaker to offer its customers the freedom to tailor their car precisely to their own personal style. A range now comprising five models, plus a large selection of optional equipment, exterior paint finishes and interior design configurations, along with the Original MINI Accessories range, create unrivalled scope to turn each and every MINI into a one-off car exuding the style of its owner.” Yeah, but we know that. And they’ve just made the array of products in the Original MINI Accessories range even larger than ever. In addition to exterior and interior design options, customers can also choose from a wealth of clever transportation solutions to enhance the car’s functionality as well as the John Cooper Works Tuning products geared to providing driving fun of the ultra-sporty variety, all under one roof at their local dealership or MINI website — and then there’s the aftermarket companies like TwistyBitz, Mini Motoring Gear, OutMotoring, Mini Mania, Seven Enterprises, and such.. classic or new Mini, you’ve got options to make your ride uniquely yours, and in more ways than any other car marker or tuning firm does for their customers, except perhaps Harley Davidson, hehe, but I’d bet the options and cult following of Mini fans is fairly close, woot!

MINI has come out with another special edition model, this one to showcase some of the You-if-i-cation potential of MINI Yours and MINI accessories, the MINI Hampton model. Yeah, if BMW gave us photos and video footage then we’d be showing you that now, but for now, you’ll just have to dream until they release it to the public.

If you attend Frankfurt 2011, be sure to drop us a line with some pics, otherwise we’ll give you the usual wrap-up after the show, and Cheers!