More Fun on Less Fuel:
The new MINI One.
The new MINI Cooper D.

More power, more efficiency, more MINI. Now the line-up of the new MINI is being enlarged – and enhanced – by two particularly economical variants:

With its 70 kW/95 hp 1.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, the new MINI One is entering the market as the “basic” version in the range and will be on view to the world public for the first time at the International Motor Show in Geneva on 8th March, 2007. The new MINI Cooper D will also be making its appearance on the same occasion, boasting a 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel developing maximum of 80 kW/110 hp and peak torque of 240 Newton-metres or 177 lb ft at between 1,750 and 2,000 rpm, with a further brief increase through Overboost to 260 Newton-metres or 192 lb-ft. Clearly, this gives the new MINI Cooper D a level of power and muscle truly unique in this category. The all-new power units featured in the MINI One and MINI Cooper D provide the option of combining the unique driving fun of this compact front-wheel-drive model with exceptionally efficient fuel economy and emission control.

As a result, the connoisseur is now able to enjoy the flair and driving pleasure of the new MINI under particularly economical conditions. With these new models entering the market, the one and only premium car in the small model segment is becoming even more attractive and versatile as of April 2007.

The new generation of the truly unique MINI stands out not only through the evolutionary development of the car’s design, but also through a genuine revolution within the engine compartment: The all-new drive units offer dynamic power, superior performance, fast-revving running qualities, particular refinement, and exemplary consumption and emission standards.

So like the power units boasted in the MINI Cooper S (128 kW/175 hp) and the MINI Cooper (88 kW/120 hp), the engines of the MINI One and MINI Cooper D offer similar superiority and unique qualities. Indeed, they also set new standards in their respective performance classes in terms of impressive dynamism, combined with supreme all-round economy. And as a standard feature, the power of the new engines is transmitted to the front wheels on both the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D by a six-speed manual gearbox. From now on the entry-level model leading into the world of the new MINI is the four-cylinder MINI One developing a superior 70 kW/95 hp from an engine capacity of 1.4 litres. Through its innovative lightweight construction, this ultra-modern drive unit gives the new MINI One not only superior agility, but also a reduction in fuel consumption by 15 per cent compared with the former engine. The outstanding efficien¬cy of the new four-cylinder is again borne out clarly by the fact that this significant decrease in fuel consumption goes together with an increase in engine power by 4 kW or 5.5 hp.

Like the 1.6-litre naturally aspirated power unit in the new MINI Cooper, the engine boasted by the new MINI One comes with fully variable management otherwise only to be found in higher segments of the market. And precisely through this new technology, the “basic” version of the new MINI also offers spontaneous performance and behaviour from low engine speeds. The new MINI Cooper D provides all the benefits of a modern diesel engine in particularly attractive style and class. This model features a likewise all-new turbodiesel power unit developing maximum output of 80 kW/110 hp from 1.6 litres combined with remarkably dynamic performance on the road.

The technical highlights of this new diesel engine include innovative direct fuel injection based on an optimised common-rail principle. The new Overboost function, in turn, briefly raises maximum torque from 240 to 260 Newton-metres (177 to 192 lb-ft), giving the new MINI Cooper D particularly powerful and muscular acceleration. Engine output of the new MINI Cooper D is 15 kW or 20.5 hp above the performance offered by the diesel version of the first model. On the road, this means an appropriate enhancement of performance and driving fun, while fuel consumption is down by approximately 10 per cent.

MINI One: Lightweight power unit with efficient performance.
The 1.4-litre four-cylinder featured in the new MINI One is derived directly from the 1.6-litre normal-aspiration engine of the new MINI Cooper and boasts the same features and refinements in technology. Particularly fully variable valve control has a significant influence on the development of power and the engine’s all-round efficiency. This high-tech control system is based on the BMW Group’s unique VALVETRONIC technology and adjusts valve lift and the valve opening period to engine output within fractions of a second, taking just about 300 milliseconds to switch over from minimum to maximum lift.

In the process the camshaft does not act on the valves directly via a follower lever, but rather goes through an additional intermediate lever whose pivot point is varied by an eccentric shaft driven by an electric motor. Depending on the position of the intermediate lever, intake valve lift is varied infinitely all the way from 0.2–9.5 millimetres (0.008–0.374 inches). To control the valves, all the driver has to do is press down the gas pedal as required, with the valve opening varying as a function of the pressure exerted: low pressure means a smaller valve opening, higher pressure increases the opening gap. This innovation in technology ensures not only even more sporting and dynamic response, but also an excellent combustion process reducing fuel consumption and emissions to an exceptionally low level. Maximum torque of the new 1.4-litre four-cylinder, finally, is 140 Newton-metres or 103 lb-ft.

The lightweight concept of the new four-cylinder power unit benefits the MINI One in the same way as the MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper, high-tech aluminium construction making the smaller version of the new engine an equally efficient lightweight performer. Both the cylinder block and the bearing case are made of a cast aluminium alloy, and the camshaft built made up of individual sections likewise serves to reduce the weight of the engine. Through its special, weight-optimised construction, the crankshaft also helps to save weight while special bearing shells serve to reduce frictional losses. The efficiency of the engine is further enhanced by a volume flow-controlled oil pump as well as the coolant pump operating only when required, that is once the engine of the new MINI One has reached its optimum operating temperature. This high-tech power unit gives the new MINI One truly sporting
performance as well as exemplary fuel economy and emission management. Acceleration to 100 km/h comes in just 10.9 seconds, its top speed is 185 km/h or 115 mph. Average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle, in turn, is 5.7 litres/100 kilometres, equal to 49.6 mpg Imp. And last but certainly not least, the new MINI One naturally complies in full with the EU4 emission standard.

MINI Cooper D: Extra power combined with unbeatable economy.
Beneath its muscular powerdome on the engine compartment lid, the new MINI Cooper D boasts an innovative, 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel power unit developing maximum output of 80 kW or 110 hp. This rounds off the engine portfolio of the new MINI through the addition of a surprisingly dynamic and, at the same time, particularly economical variant for the efficiency-minded connoisseur. The new engine is indeed lighter, more powerful and more modern than ever before, thus making the new diesel version of the MINI a lot more agile, faster and fuel-efficient, setting new standards in its segment in terms of sporting behaviour, muscular torque, and all-round efficiency.

Compared with the diesel version in the former model, the new engine is 15 kW/20.5 hp more powerful than before. This superior power is further enhanced by an increase in torque to 240 Newton-metres or 177 lb-ft (50 Nm or 37 lb-ft more than before) at just 1,750 rpm. Indeed, this maximum torque level is the same as in the particularly sporting and muscular MINI Cooper S. Even this is not all, since like the most powerful petrol-engined model, the MINI Cooper D also comes with an Overboost function briefly increasing maximum torque by another 20 Nm or 14.7 lb-ft to 260 Newton-metres or 192 lb-ft. This particularly muscular torque is activated as soon as the driver energetically presses down the gas pedal for maximum power and acceleration. A substantial 70 per cent of the engine’s maximum torque is available at a speed of just 1,250 rpm, giving the new MINI Cooper D impressive power and pulling force from low engine speeds and making the process of accelerating the car a fascinating, powerful experience.

Clearly, this new standard of diesel power means impressive per¬form¬ance on the road: The new MINI Cooper D accelerates to 100 km/h in just 9.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 195 km/h or 121 mph, 20 km/h or 12 mph faster than the former diesel model. At the same time the new MINI Cooper D combines this dynamic character with truly outstanding economy and fuel efficiency, improving the already exemplary fuel economy of the former model by approximately another 10 per cent. In absolute terms, this gives the new MINI Cooper D average fuel consumption of just 4.4 litres/100 kilometres, equal to no less than 64.2 mpg Imp and making this the most fuel-efficient MINI ever built.

Aluminium lightweight construction reducing the weight of the power unit to just 123.5 kilos or 272 lb also contributes to the impressively low fuel consumption of the new diesel engine. Further special features of the new power unit are the optimum combustion process and exemplary emission management. This kind of superiority is ensured by second-generation common-rail technology operating at a maximum pressure of 1,600 bar. Precisely controlled injectors ensure a particularly smooth and precise multiple-injection process for each operating cycle, enhancing engine refinement
in the process. The six intake ducts featured in the new injectors are only 0.135 millimetres or 0.005´´ in diameter, and the combustion chambers have been optimised in their shape and dimensions to prevent unwanted turbulence and maintain a smooth and consistent combustion process at all times. This extremely precise process of fuel injection minimises both fuel consumption and emissions right from the start.

The turbocharger system is a special development for the power unit of the new MINI Cooper D. Featuring variable turbine geometry, the turbocharger ensures optimum operation, smoothness and effici¬ency across all load ranges, the turbocharger responds im¬mediately to the driver’s commands even at low engine speeds. The degree of turbo-boost is increased at higher speeds for more power and performance, giving the new engine superior torque and pulling force right from the start all the way to high speeds and thus enhancing the sporting character of the MINI Cooper D.

Apart from the highly efficient combustion process, very effective exhaust gas management also contributes to the exemplary emission control of the new MINI Cooper D: A diesel particulates filter fitted as standard reduces exhaust emissions very effectively, regenerating itself through the combustion of diesel particles and making the power unit one of the most environmentally-friendly diesels in all segments and classes of the market. It therefore goes almost without saying that the new MINI Cooper D fulfils the EU4 emission standard in every respect.

Entering a new dimension: Six-speed gearbox featured as standard.
Like the even more powerful MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper, the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D both come as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox. Carbon friction plates and helical gears ensure optimum synchromesh, and with shift forces reduced to a minimum, together with smooth, precise and crisp control, the man¬ual gearbox is simply ideal for dynamic acceleration. With its long transmission ratio, the sixth gear allows optimum fuel economy at low engine speeds even when driving fast, for example on the motor¬way.

The new MINI One is also available as an option with six-speed auto¬matic transmission again enabling the driver to accelerate fast and dynamically by converting the driver’s gearshift commands into practical action with virtually no interruption in the flow of power. To provide this superiority on the road, the automatic transmission incorporates a converter for setting off and a converter clutch closed immediately once the car has picked up speed. Another special feature is the Steptronic function enabling the driver to intervene manually in the choice of gears: The driver is able to shift gears in sequence by means of the gear selector lever or paddles on the steering wheel, thus keeping his hands on the wheel also when shifting gears and remaining in full control of the car at all times. Should the driver wish to enjoy even more dynamic performance, all he has to do is press the Sports Button for even shorter gearshift times controlled electronically according to the driver’s wishes.

Design: A clear look and a friendly smile.
“From the original to the original” – this is how the second generation of the most successful small premium car in the world has developed over the years: The entire car has been changed in many respects, but remains unmistakable in its exterior design. This is ensured, inter alia, at the front end of the new MINI by the characteristic hexagon radiator grille and the large circular headlights serving as essential design features. The direction indicators, in turn, have been integrated in the headlights giving the entire front end of the car even greater clarity, since now the four “beauty spots” characterising the former model give way to “just” two particular highlights – the positioning lights arranged beneath the headlights, forming one unit with the optional fog lamps.

At the front the new MINI raises up 38 millimetres (1.5´´) higher than its predecessor, taking future requirements for pedestrian safety into account right from the start. A further point is that the more powerful engines also require more space, the engine compartment lid on the new MINI thus extending up a bit further than before. The overall design of the car sets off this new increase in length so skilfully and with such perfect balance that this modification in dimensions is hardly visible at first sight. The new MINI looks just as compact, sporting and dynamic as before, the more powerful shoulders of the car providing exactly the right counter-balance for the change in dimensions. As a result, the new MINI has an even more powerful and masculine look all round.

MINI One: Black crossbars in the hexagon radiator grille.
The hexagon grille of the new MINI forms a complete, self-contained element. The frame surrounding the grille is finished in chrome to provide a particular touch of class and elegance, the new MINI One standing out from the other models through its black crossbars in the grille. The air intake, on the
other hand, is the same as on the new MINI Cooper: It is three-dimensional in design and shows a slight upward swing almost as if the new MINI One were smiling at its proud owner.

MINI Cooper D: Muscular powerdome.
Even at very first sight, the new MINI Cooper D proudly boasts its extra power and performance, the look of the front end following the principle that form is determined by function: The power dome ex¬tend¬ing up higher than before on all versions of the new MINI shows a particular curvature on the new MINI Cooper D, just as the air intake for the diesel version is larger than on the other models to underline the powerful and dynamic character of the diesel engine in the new MINI Cooper D. As a separate design feature, the air intake also boasts rounded contours and a particularly fine structure of the radiator grille. And it is further accentuated by a characteristic crossbar in body colour across the lower intake scoop. Seen from the side, the new MINI looks particularly taut, muscular and athletic, large wheels and minimum body overhangs front and rear bringing out that unmistakable “stance on the wheels” that has characterised both the classic Mini for decades and now, to an even greater extent, the modern MINI.

Yet a further characteristic feature of all model variants is the glazing around the passenger cell, the so-called greenhouse. Like on the other models, this band of glass extends all round the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D, tapering out more distinctly to the rear than on the former model and thus giving the new MINI an even more dynamic look with extra flair. Since the glass band also covers the body pillars, it gives the impression that the entire roof
of the car is literally hovering in the air.

MINI One: Elegant design features in stylish black.
The new MINI One gets its particularly elegant flair also from the rear-view mirror caps finished in stylish black and corresponding with the handle on the tailgate finished in the same colour. These attributes give the new MINI One depth and authenticity, while ac¬cen¬tuating the car’s incomparable elegance at the same time.

More freedom than ever before.
The driver of a MINI seeks to stand out from the “rest of the crowd”. So precisely for this reason, the almost endless range of options and features already offered so far has now been further expanded and upgraded: More than 370 different combinations are available for the interior alone, with another 300-plus variations on the exterior. This range comprises eight light-alloy wheels and 12 body colours, eight of which are metallic.

A further touch of individual style is offered by the paintwork on the roof, available not only in body colour, but also in a contrasting white or black.

Here the new MINI One is the somewhat more discreet version coming with its roof in body colour, while the other models – including the new MINI Cooper D – come as standard with the roof in black or white.
Roof paintwork in body colour is naturally also available on the other models, in this case as a no-cost option.

A revolution in interior design.
The interior of the new MINI benefits from a genuine revolution in design, the optical features within the new model being concentrated on a handful of truly striking and clear shapes. In its horizontal orientation, the instrument panel, as one example, clearly underlines the sheer generosity of the interior, just as the air vents placed far to the outside accentuate the width of the dashboard. The unmistakable atmosphere within the cockpit is characterised by a number of design icons most typical of the MINI. These include the round Center Speedo, the toggle switches and other so-called Circular Elements such as the round air intakes. These striking signs of distinction also come in a fundamentally new look creating an even greater appeal.

And technically enhanced, they perform more functions and give the new MINI an even more outstanding premium character. The round Center Speedo is larger than before, now accommodating not only the analogue speedometer, but also, for the first time, the audio system as well as the optional Entertainment and Navigation functions. The speedometer incorporating a ring band extending round all the other functions in cars equipped with a navigation system is quite unique in its style and design. Other new features are the toggle switches, now larger than before and integrated also in the roof lining. Last but certainly not least, the new MINI also offers a new experience in space, with significantly more legroom on the front seats provided among other things by the more slender design of the centre console.
In the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D, the electronic signal generator replacing the conventional ignition key helps to raise motoring comfort to an even higher level than before, enabling the driver to switch the engine on and off at the touch of a button.

Finest materials, quality to see and feel. Together with the clear structures inside the car, the particularly sophisticated materials and fine grain on the plastic surfaces proudly emphasise the superior quality standard of the new MINI within the passenger compartment. In this context real wood and the pleasant smell of sophisticated materials such as hand-sewn leather appeal not just to the eye, but also to your
feeling of touch and fragrance. Over and above the unique feeling and texture of all surfaces, the interior design of the car also stands out through enhanced ergonomics on the control units. The controls for the audio system, for example, are now positioned at exactly the right height for easy access.

The surrounds on the Circular Elements characterising the MINI as well as the trim features come in fine White Silver both on the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D. As an option, the trim elements for both models are also available in other colours and materials, offering a choice of stylishly glistening, black piano paint, dark brown, grained oak-wood, brushed aluminium and a fine-gloss surface inspired in its look by the structure of liquid metal. The Colour Line on the trim extending across the instrument panel and the armrests on the door panels come as standard in Dark Grey and, as an option, in Cream White, Pacific Blue, Rooster Red, and Mellow Yellow.

The steering wheel offering extremely good grip is yet another – very pleasant – highlight of the new MINI. As an option, both the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D are available with a sports steering wheel in leather, also featuring multifunction control where desired. And the most stylish version of this very special steering wheel even comes with wood trim adding a special extra touch.
The leather-coated steering wheel is combined with a gearshift knob also finished in leather, while the steering wheel made up of leather and wood goes together with a gearshift knob made of natural wood.
Another highlight typical of MINI: Ambient “waterfall illumination”.

New ambient illumination included in the optional lights package of the new MINI adds a unique visual touch. The colour of the light provided in this way may be varied infinitely from warm orange to sporting blue. Providing discreet “waterfall illumination” from above and serving as indirect illumination of
the roof lining, the door pockets and door handle recesses, these special lights tailor the atmosphere inside the new MINI to the individual preferences or mood of the driver.

Benefitting from numerous types of seats and seat design, the driver is able to create a very pleasant ambience inside the car extending from stylish elegance through dynamic sportiness all the way to gen¬uine extravagance. And regardless of the particular style chosen, the interior always emphasises the premium quality and love for detail in every new MINI, MINI One, MINI Cooper, and MINI Cooper D differing from the MINI Cooper S through their seat upholstery.

The seats in the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D come as standard in Cosmos cloth combined with the interior colours Carbon Black and Gotham Grey. In this particularly purist version, special high-effect seams accentuate the lifestyle atmosphere inside the car. Combinations of cloth and leather with the seat side supports in a contrasting colour are available as an option in Carbon Black, Cream White, Pacific Blue and Rooster Red, while the Punch leather finish comes in Carbon Black, Gravity Leather in Tuscan Beige, and Lounge Leather in either Carbon Black or Redwood Red.
MINI Cooper D: Optimised acoustics and additional electrical heating.

Extra power need not mean extra noise. Precisely this is why the outstanding driving comfort offered by the new MINI Cooper D is supplemented by optimised underfloor insulation guiding the flow of air away from the car and thus preventing any undue noise. A further advantage is that this prevents
road noise from entering the interior.

Apart from the standard heating and ventilation, all versions of the new MINI are available as an option with air conditioning, even fea¬turing automatic control as yet another asset. The new MINI Cooper D is also fitted as standard with an electrical heating system guaranteeing pleasant temperatures inside the car also in cold weather or when driving the diesel engine at low revs.

The chassis and suspension: Even more “go-kart” than before.
Not only the new power units guarantee enhanced driving fun, but also the optimised suspension giving the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D a significant edge in terms of road performance as well. All innovations within the interior enhance that go-kart feeling already legendary from the former model, bringing out the typical driving experience even more convincingly than before. And at the same time the new MINI is able to convey its sporting potential even more comfortably and safely to the road. Excellent wheel guidance at the front is ensured by the McPherson spring strut axle while, at the rear, the MINI – as the only car in its segment – comes with a central-arm axle featuring elaborate kinematics for optimum road contact at all times. And last but not least in this context, the steering remains unaffected by drive forces both in fast bends and when accelerating or applying the brakes.

Talking about the steering, the new MINI marks a new generation also in this respect: The new models now come with EPAS Electrical Power Assisted Steering incorporating modern mechanical control to reduce mass inertia and friction with the system and giving the driver even more precise feedback on road conditions and the current driv¬ing situation. The steering is sporty and direct, power assistance is varied as a function of speed. As a result, the driver is able to mano¬euvre the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D smoothly and comfortably into even a tight parking space with only minimum movement of the steering wheel, while steering forces are intentionally greater at higher speeds in the interest of safety and precision. Both the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D come as standard on 15 inch wheels.

Superior safety: Six airbags featured as standard.
Reflecting the wide range of sophisticated engines and the car’s sporting performance, the new MINI offers even more sophisticated components for active and passive safety: Both the new MINI One and the new MINI Cooper D come as standard with no less than six airbags, the all-round safety package comprising sensor-controlled frontal, side and curtain head airbags for both the driver and front passenger. The side airbags are integrated in the side supports on the front seats, protecting the occupants at thorax level at the front regardless of the seating position chosen. The curtain head airbags, in turn, inflate out of the roof lining to form extra-large “curtains” at the side, covering the upper section of the car and offering the passengers at both front and rear optimum protection from head injury.
Excellent driving stability in all situations.

All models in the new generation of the MINI come with the latest ABS anti-lock brake technology featured as standard in the interest of active safety, controlling brake power as a function of traction. When applying the brakes in a bend, the new MINI benefits from the superior driving stability provided by CBC Cornering Brake Control regulating brake power as a function of the trajectory and speed in a bend and intervening when necessary even before ABS cuts in. Short stopping distances are ensured by EBD Electronic Brake Force Distribution spreading out brake forces perfectly on the front and rear axle in accordance with weight conditions in the new MINI when transporting all kinds of different loads.

Automatic Stability and Traction Control (ASC+T) gives the new MINI optimum traction at all times and prevents the drive wheels from spinning, for example when accelerating or with the wheels running on surfaces varying in their grip. ASC+T is featured as standard in the new MINI Cooper D and comes as an option in the new MINI One. All new models in the MINI range are furthermore available as an option with DSC Dynamic Stability Control for superior driving stability in fast bends. Applying the brakes individually as required on the various wheels and reducing engine power whenever necessary, DSC serves to prevent any oversteer or understeer of the car. Apart from the ABS and ASC+T control systems, DSC also comprises Hill Start-Off Assistance and a Brake Assistant. Using high-precision sensors, Dynamic Stability Control consist¬ently monitors wheel rotation speed, the yaw rate and lateral acceleration of the car, thus optimising not only the stability of the vehicle when setting off and accelerating, but also the car’s traction in bends.