MINI Connected Brings Social Networking and a New Standard of Connectivity Behind the Wheel

Remember when it used to be possible to get lost – I mean really lost – while driving in your car? Stranded in the middle of nowhere without a map or cell phone, not to mention smartphone or GPS navigation system, you might drive around aimlessly for hours before asking directions at a gas station or sheepishly hailing down a friendly looking local on the street.

Those days might already seem like the stone ages, but MINI is bent on helping you leave those memories so far in the dust that you won’t even be able to glimpse them in your rearview.

A powerful tool for communications and social networking, MINI Connected unites trailblazing in-car technology with a groundbreaking app that can be downloaded to the driver’s iPhone, turning the MINI into a thoroughly wired telecommunications and infotainment control center. The technology takes car-smartphone integration to an unprecedented level, and promises to deliver an ever-growing list of features in the form of app upgrades and extensions as available technologies and social networking capabilities develop.

MINI Connected’s new video shows off the new technology in a characteristically clever way. Filmed deep in the Bavarian backcountry, we follow a forgetful friend in search of a floral arrangement on the fly. When MINI Connected gets involved, a very country-style small business goes global with one big, red, bang.

Ok, so what can it do? Just tuck an iPhone into the built-in USB port of your MINI and it will link with the hi-res cockpit display* so that you can use the MINI Connected app with glances at your dashboard, navigating via the intuitive multi-function joystick.

Connectivity: MINI Connected lets you stay synched to local news sources via customizable RSS feeds and your social network 24/7 by receiving Facebook** and Twitter status updates as text on the dash display. Post your destinations, estimated arrival times and more to Twitter with preset tweets. You can even watch video podcasts uploaded to your iPhone right in-dash.

Navigation: Need to find the nearest gas station? Laundromat? Mexican restaurant? Just use Google Local Search™ as simply as you normally would when using your iPhone to get around, or use the Google Send-to-Car™ function, allowing Google Maps™ to link up with the in-car navigation system of your MINI to give you detailed driving directions to wherever you need to go. Friends can even send you directions - right to the car.

Driving Efficiency: The brand new MINIMALISM Analyzer records driving data that will personally help you environmentally streamline your driving style in a way that's as fun to use as it is earth-friendly. This function will record a range of data from your drive - like acceleration, gear changes and braking - displaying it in real time, ranking your stats with a star system. You can then assess the efficiency of your road technique from journey to journey, comparing online and competing with other users in your quest to become the world's greenest MINI driver.

Music: MINI Connected can also use your iPhone to stream webradio stations from anywhere in the world - utilizing the familiar controls of the MINI audio system - giving you a prime opportunity to get acquainted with the four pre-programmed MINI Sounds Webradio stations. You can download the app and use it for webradio even if you don't have a MINI. An innovative new feature called Dynamic Music** takes the audio interactivity of MINI Connected one step further: specialized songs will allow the music coming out of your car stereo to respond directly to your driving style, so you can mix your own soundtrack as you drive. Step on it to kick up the BPM, or relax your driving style to hear more chilled-out beats.

What are you waiting for? Download the app for free here. Turn on, tune in, and floor it!