Mini Dealers To Host Clubman Intro Parties

MiniUSA dealerships hosted parties this month to introduce the new Clubman models to America.

Niello Mini in Sacramento threw a 70’s disco party on the 22nd, at 6 PM, inviting owners and enthusiasts to break out their polyester suits for the event. Miniologist Rob ‘Califzeph’ Saunders was there to capture the fun on video.

[flv: 320 180]

If your local dealership had a Clubman event as well, send us your videos and pix to share!

One Reply to “Mini Dealers To Host Clubman Intro Parties”

  1. I went to Niello this afternoon and they only have one Clubman to show. There were no salespeople free to provide any info in the approx. 10 minutes I waited, and a supervisor trying to help another customer couldn’t even figure out how to open the rear doors.

    I still like the Clubman though – it sort of looks like I can fit a bag of hockey equipment in there, but it would be nice to know for sure đŸ˜›

    Editor: Sorry, we posted too early. They weren’t ready on Saturday the 16th. Hope you were able to make the event the following Friday (the 22nd)?

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