MINI earns top marks in reliability

ADAC Statistics on Roadside Assistance in 2007: BMW Group with outstanding rankings in all segments.
Courtesy BMW Press Club, Canada – 04/20/2007

Munich. Current models of the BMW Group achieved an outstanding result in the current ADAC Statistics on Roadside Assistance with two models being named as best in class and four models ranked among the top three in their segments. This most extensive and conclusive nationwide analysis of the reliability of all cars on offer in Germany impressively confirms high quality and reliability of cars of the BMW and MINI brands. Moreover, the uniform picture as shown in all classifications provides clear evidence that the high quality standards of the BMW Group are made to work across all model lines.

Irrespective of model range, the probability that a BMW or MINI will have a breakdown due to technical reasons is exceedingly low. The current models of both brands are among those vehicles, which last year caused hardly any work to ADAC roadside assistants called “Yellow Angels”. The BMW 1 series and the BMW X3 stand out from the excellent overall result of the BMW Group. In the statistics for the lower middle-class car and for all-terrain vehicle segments, they were awarded first ranks and, therefore, shine with the highest level of reliability in their respective segments.

The current roadside assistance statistics are based on an evaluation of about 400,000 technical assistance services, which the ADAC “Yellow Angels” had to provide in 2006. All those model lines are considered, of which largely the same number of vehicles and annually more than 10,000 units are sold in Germany in three consecutive years. To set up the ranking lists, the number of breakdowns per 1,000 vehicles is considered broken down according to model years. Thus it appears that BMW Group cars are among the most reliable vehicles in their class, not only immediately after registration but also in subsequent years.

For instance, the MINI received top grades for reliability in all model years (first registrations from 2002 to 2006), which gave it second rank in the overall standings of small cars. The BMW 3 series and the BMW 5 series are each ranked third in the middle class and upper middle-class/upper-class segments respectively. This, too, is the outcome of continuously good results across several model years. The BMW 3 series convertible shows a conspicuously high long-term reliability. Although the new version of the open four-seater launched a few weeks ago does not yet show up in the current ADAC statistics, this model reached second rank among sports cars and convertibles.

The best-in-class victory of the BMW 1 series is impressive in every aspect. The first BMW compact model is the uncontested number one in the lower middle-class segment with the lowest breakdown rate in all model years (2004 to 2006). Similarly, the BMW X3 is in the top position of the all-terrain vehicle segment with best results in this segment for model years 2004, 2005, and 2006. The BMW X5 was ranked four in this segment. A better ranking was not possible, since the 2006 model year was disregarded on account of the model change.

The excellent performance of the BMW Group models in the ADAC Statistics on Road Assistance in 2007 corroborates a development strategy aimed at consistently combining unique driving pleasure and highest quality standards. The commitment to premium quality comprises the entire product development process and includes vehicle development and material selection as well as the manufacturing sequences in the worldwide production network of the BMW Group. Because of this comprehensive quality strategy, customers receive maximum reliability in all vehicle segments and can, therefore, be sure that their driving pleasure will not be disrupted by unscheduled stops.