Mini Mania to offer Dyno Testing for all Mini Coopers at the annual Nevada City Adventure 2008

Mini Mania Inc. is expanding it annual Nevada City Adventure to include the first ever “Vtec Encounter”, public Dyno testing, and a free clinic in MINI Cooper detailing.

This will be the 7th annual event that highlights the joys of owning and driving both the Classic Mini Cooper and the BMW MINI Cooper.

The “Vtec Encounter” will be the largest gathering in the USA of classic Minis that have been upgraded to Honda Vtec engines. These modern powers units add both reliability and performance to the classic looks and handling of the Mini.

The Dyno testing facility will be available to all any participants subject to pre-registration. Classic, BMW and Vtec Minis are all expected to be tested.

The 7th “Nevada City Adventure” for Mini Coopers is set for Saturday, May 17th, 2008. Held annually in heart of the gold country, this event celebrates both the Classic Mini as built by BMC (and Rover) and the latest MINI Cooper as built by BMW. Planning is now underway to insure this will be the biggest gathering in the history of Mini Mania in the Gold Country.

Events planned include:
* Vendor Arcade- Supplies will demonstrate product and answer questions.
* On-site Dyno Testing – measure the wheel HP of your MINI/Mini- reservations required- call for details
* ‘People’s choice’ car show with awards in a multiple of classes!
* Nevada Country tour- see some of the best of the Gold Country
* ‘Vtec Mini’ Encounter- largest ever gathering of Vtec powered Mini in the USA
* Silent Auction- Great products at only the price you want
* Raffle- Take your chance and win your choice of great products
* Free Grand Prize drawing- Every entrant will be eligible for some great prices!
* Mini Mania Open House- 15,000+ parts, 10% Discount on most parts.
* New MINI Clubman special display from Niello MINI
* Detailing Clinic – see some of the tricks and techniques to keep your car looking new for years.

Don Racine, owner of Mini Mania said “We expect this to be the biggest event of it’s kind in the area with 200+ MINIs and MINI Coopers on display. The event has always brought the old classic Mini together with the modern BMW MINI Cooper and this year we have added the “Hot Rod” Classic Mini. This community will make for a great match of personalities”