MINI Motorby keyfob arrives!

Yes, a little plastic bubble of radio-controlled goodness arrived in the mail last night. It is my official MINI motorby keyfob which magickally controls the billboards across the nation, broadcasting custom messages to all who, well, motor by it! Here’s pics and details, direct from the ingenious minds at MINI and BSSP who created the campaign:

This is the box the motorby keyfob came in.

This is the box, opened.

Instructions? We don't need no stinking instructions!
This is the little instruction thingy that came with it.

Don't take pictures when you're drunk!
Here’s a closeup image of the thingy with my MINI keychain (yeah, that’s a classic Mini Cooper keyfob from John Cooper garages in UK, and a Mini-sized pewter statue of Yoda ‘judge me by my size do you? size matters not!’ etc).

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