Hello MINIOLOGY fans.. just a reminder about graphics and a sweet discount to pass along to our audience!

I was just speaking with Robert from MINI Motoring Graphics – these guys (aka Original Graphics) have been doing this for quite a few years and have an online previewer of what some common graphics look like on your MINI, and can do custom You-if-i-cation as well, just based on your drawings, photos, or whatever 🙂

Other (in some ways, better) than paint — it’s a cool way to customize your ride by adding vinyl wrap to your roof, a-panels, doors, bonnet, boot, or the whole car if you want hehe… this isn’t some lame generic tribal or flame sticker like you get at the major autopart chain stores …. its the latest 3M technology, very cool long lasting stuff looks completely awesome. Think of it like Tattoos for your MINI hehe..

Well, if you mention “Miniology” (that’s us, for those that have been hiding in a cave the past 8 years) you will get a 10% discount off MSRP — if the program is successful or at least gets a lot of attention and leads then maybe bump that up to 20% — also, they are always down to help with give always or contests or anything that will generate attention. So, the next BIG event YOUR local Mini/MINI club has, as always, take pics and video, and let us know! These are a very passionate group of people there at MINI Motoring Graphics.

Oh, and any dealerships reading this (we know who you are!) please contact me or Robert Burris ( directly for deep wholesale discounts! They are the only official partner for MINI USA and run their Graphics program.. All the dealerships can order from them and he is working hard to get the clubs (like Mini Club of Calgary, MOASF, REME, others) and website owners to work with them to get some really sweet discounts. I am thus posting this wherever I can hehe.. you may see this reposted at your local club 😉

Ok, enough babble — get creating cool stuff and put it on your ride! Here is their website.
MINI Motoring Graphics