Mini Re-invents The AMC Pacer!

This is the concept for the Mini Paceman.

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5 Replies to “Mini Re-invents The AMC Pacer!”

  1. What is it supposed to be? A fat hatchback based on the Countryman. Somebody should suggest to MINI that they use the same platform and make a pick up!

  2. Can they build four doors Mini Cooper under current dimension L145xW69xH55? Because I like Mini Cooper ,I need four doors, but I don’t like Countryman .

  3. Unfortunately for you, right now, the Countryman is the only 4 door Mini. The Clubman, of course, is a 3 door. You might want to consider that.

  4. Looks like a 2 door based on the Countryman platform, sorta, but would like to see what the (I guess) hatchback is all about. It would be cool if it had a 3rd/half suicide door like the (new MINI) Clubman though. I think instead of going bigger and reinventing other brands older cars, MINI should focus on the roadster concept and smaller, 2-seater sportier variants.. maybe let the old John Cooper Garages team go wild with development, take a cue from Lotus/Tesla and sister company BMW, then make an alternate (fuel cell? other?) powered sports car worthy of doing some serious track time.

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