MINI Space Product Design Competition with Fatboy

Check out this link:

[ Editor’s note: Yes! MINI has yet ANOTHER competition underway, this one sounds pretty cool! ]

MINI Space is teaming up with Fatboy and asking YOU, (ala the MINI Space design community) to come up with a lifestyle product inspired by Fatboy.

Everything from furniture, personal accessories, to lighting solutions will be considered to win. The wide range of lifestyle products that could win include: chairs, cushions, sofas, tables, shelves, hammocks, lamps, lights, pet accessories, wallets, bags, and everything else that you can imagine!

Fatboy’s theme is all about “So much nothing to do”, in other words, they take their leisure time seriously!

So get serious about your product design and:

1) Come up with a brilliant idea!
Think of an everyday product that can be designed to Getaway from the norm.

2) Upload your design!
Make a JPG of your customized product and upload it to MINI Space!

3) Win a trip to Belgium!
See your winning idea on display at a major design fair.

Browser over to MINI Space to see this and more competitions that you can take part in.. [ and I do hope one of our loyal Miniologists wins this one, hehe ]