MINI starts own music label

DEF MINI Records – How to rock and how to roll with MINI.
MINI starts own music label at
BMW Press Release – 03/20/2007 – Munich

Do you know the boy band “N’CAP”? And their love song “So many stars”? Or Wayne Trapper from the country band “RUNFLAT”? Or the alternative rockers “THE DISC BRAKES” and their smash hit “Save me”? This bands all have one thing in common. They don’t sing about world peace, or about lost love, or about life in the ghetto. Their music has another message that is no less serious and important. These artists are singing about MINI. And about the fact that MINI is jot only a car that’s fun, but is also one of the safest, most reliable vehicles in its class.

Music transports all these requirements and is an ideal, entertaining medium and packaging for a fairly matter-of-fact content. MINI created the virtual record label “DEF MINI Records”, headed by Terence Trust as CEO. For months, bands were selected, songs written, videos produced until finally, at, the first record label appeared that isn’t a record label – instead, it’s a totally unconventional communication campaign. The campaign was developed and realized in association with the agencies .start and Interone Worldwide.

The bands are all called after the MINI’s important safety features. And their songs are about nothing other than these subjects. “RUNFLAT”, for example, in their country song “Another 100 Miles”, sing the following line: “…a nail sticks in my tyre…but I shift one gear higher…”. The boys in “N’CAP” sing about the subject of crash safety. But that’s not all. At, visitors can watch a number of extremely funny interviews in which the future pop and rock stars explain the features of the vehicle in even more detail. Really keen fans can sing along with the karaoke version or download the songs as ring tones.

The next highlight is the signing of a new artist with DEF MINI Records: “MC MASSIVE & the Reinforced Body Crew” will be presenting their track “Solid as a rock”. The track will be exclusively available for downloading from as from 20. March 2007.

Thanks to DEF MINI Records, you can be sure of one thing: soon everyone will know that “safety rocks”.

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